tzehn hr4rb s2i8y fft64 yyezy z48k4 57k8e 3fyrz 27i86 6ebka 58z8t fyid8 a75n5 8b9tt zen7d h4iib kda8a ydz7h t8dki 8hk85 6t9hr I would greatly prefer yearly incremental improvements like the iPhone over 5-6 year gaps like gaming consoles |

I would greatly prefer yearly incremental improvements like the iPhone over 5-6 year gaps like gaming consoles

2021.10.28 01:43 CptFloates I would greatly prefer yearly incremental improvements like the iPhone over 5-6 year gaps like gaming consoles

Constant visible improvement where the user gets to decide when to upgrade with each SKU having a few years of life seems much better to me than waiting half a decade for a new console
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2021.10.28 01:43 khayrirrw Mirach s Ghost

Mirach s Ghost submitted by khayrirrw to ScienceImages [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 01:43 Nokin345 Eva build.

Eva build. submitted by Nokin345 to CustomKeyboards [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 01:43 Psychological-Dark93 How to count if specific date range

I'm trying to identify the staff who is on leave for today.
Below is the data that i derived from Microsoft Form excel,

Data derived from Microsoft form
So the user need to fill in the form, stating their staff number and start & end of their leave.
From this data I need to make something as below;

Staff Leave Tracking Table
...Where when I open today workbook,dated 28 Oct 2021, I can sort out which staff is currently on leave.
Now I use below function;
COUNTIFS formula
What I need is:
Criteria 1 Staff Number
Criteria 2 Date range between Start Date & End Date
Hope for your help... Try to google it for a days now,down but nothing.
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2021.10.28 01:43 Newtstradamus Holding forever!

Cause I bought 2.1m coins a few months back and I’m broke and can’t buy to get me over 3m so I can’t transfer them or sell them and have it go to my bank card in help me oh god I don’t know what I am doing
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2021.10.28 01:43 Bulma2Sexy I just got the first Ending!!

I should of have play this game when it first came out, I totally love the gameplay the music, and the story. Now i need to finish it before it leaves PSNow service.
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2021.10.28 01:43 gohomebrentyourdrunk The new dr strange movie got postponed because it can’t have a trailer that doesn’t spoil Spider-Man No Way Home

I know that it’s doing reshoots right now and you can always use a little more time in post if possible, but I believe Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness is so connected to the Spider-Man movie that they simply can’t promote it properly until after the Spider-Man movie is released.
Typically a trailer and promotional product will start coming out 5-6 months before the movie is in theatres - with Spider-Man released in December and Dr Strange in March, there just isn’t enough runway time. Bumping the movie back to may puts it on a still somewhat tight schedule, but much more realistic…
Now for the juicy part, why can’t we get a trailer until after people are Spider-Man? I think it has to be something big, like Tom Holland’s character is killed saving the day at the end of No Way Home and Dr Strange is so guilt-ridden that he bends all existence to bring him back (likely succeeding, because $$$).
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2021.10.28 01:43 LusipherStarLine778 I love the part where I left so they couldn't fix

Oh dam. I'm first or nothing
And any amount of time that we spent will be their time and pain and any pleasure is really pain so
Well if they where Lusphur then oh wait Brian nope I was Lusphur
And like I said I'll meet you some young person that hasn't existed for very long would the name matter
So well playing with A Lite sphere person and well oh well guess what
So no one will miss those white supremacist what ever every one is known about there where black as well
Anytime someone starts messing around with existence I mean it gets to be rather complex thing so well
So and like I said I'm not really worried about it another twenty-eight years at most and where they're going to regret a great many things they should have been nicer and like I said one of the major problems of course is that I wouldn't have done the things that they are doing as eye on those Banks and own this companies and it didn't really work and they couldn't so
Like I said only if they actually on the country that they actually not go to jail though they didn't own the country I thought that eventually they would buy the country so you can't actually buy a country
A bunch of people have been trying to have it like I can have it and of course that's never going to happen
I mean they thought they were so tough one is $20 now I mean oh well they are really jellouse
Call not really in a hurry I mean I think this is all just a big waste of time and there's nothing that can actually make me happy anyway
So I was the only one who actually knew how is really going to end
And well I really think the whole thing was dumb and walked away witch ended it for them
Feel like I said they just run a lot and then basically they suffer and die and go to jail and firing squad in some ways since what they're doing basically got them killed fairly early on I mean well I could be just so mean
So basically it's a bunch of people has been trying to say that they're me this in the whole entire time and in 28 years or so and then they die at 89 or some age and well
So and like I said I skipped all the good pleasure stuff because like you're not actually stupid and something that twenty-year-old does wants to do so have little more adult and I decided that actually when I was a little size person
So I know no one else can do what only I can do and have so though upsetting and annoying the most powerful person in existence and like I said well some people might say oh will Blue Bloods like no maybe not I said they don't have any control over everything
And they don't know anything and it is just as fake as the the republic
Like I said the Republic actually fail long time ago and mostly I'm in the Democrats and they were like saying that they were different but they really weren't and mostly it's inflation so
And well every time I could do stuff and they couldn't so well nope there not me
One of the things about Invinting particle solid energy its kind of importent so how I knew they couldn't really hurt me too much
So well it's like I said another 20 or 30 years I don't know what's going to happen
Could be anything I mean I know a few people from 1944 dying and there's no possibility of him becoming anything that's definitely not going to be doing anything happening with me though
I don't know I'm not shallow and well so um there's of course the serious problem with being just a normal human messing with A real particle electric
So the real problem of course bush humans they can't stay around they have to die and go away
I don't like them
They where in the punishment category the whole time bush bishop can't have any supporters
And there is only one so
Early goes to showing how Petty and tiny humans really were
And how they wouldn't exist
So I don't have A problem existing
So oh well and yes I is that powerful and really own the country
Even though they don't admit it. Like I said only a country has more about the life form lines and the people's really in the children not really whatever
Though yes if I asked I could
They knew only the real person could actually have it like that
So well i mean funny thinking they could kill me
I mean wow call me one with that much technology I could actually have it like that that already had it like that I said the reason why they came after me as well as because I was already had complete devotion and loyalty and everything & earned it
That's why it just hose back to how it was not really A change So,yes well one that was iS so no,change so there is that way
I mean well like some dudes just trying to get something and losing everything they could have had
So funny
Cool I mean no one had ever been so dumb though cool less work for me
Like I said I existed for hundreds of millions and trillions of years so well and nothing can exist with out me so
Well I,mean you know I do love laughing at some fake people trying to force every one
I like I said they were trying to say that we could be doing like what Lucifer wants and has like wow um do,they know why that is
So like I said they were a few people that told Rick Bush to just now just make it happen a lot faster so he went around threatening them and I mean he told them to end their life
The bishop so well it isn't complex and so most of existence knew and well I,mean of course humans and other people would like what's wrong blah blah blah
I mean wow
So well and like I said I do enjoy laughing about the fact that they can never have it like I can have it and they will never have that as we get closer to the end well this is where they regret Existince
So well it had too happen I is the most powerful
So there's nowhere for them behind nowhere to go and no way they can keep on existing
And I said well they would try and say that my name triggered it or sign it. It's like no actually it was going to happen no matter what
As soon as I died or they died
One or the other
They can't exist I have too and well it isn't like I cared about A good time that's the thing though like I said they have many problems promise that they're trying to keep it from happening for me and they're trying to make it happen for them and it can't happen for them and it has to happen for me
And I didn't care about it like that so well they built there own punishment
I mean almost any other way and they might not go unpunished. They insisted on a certain way of it happening so
They literally cause their own ending of their own existence and Punishment
They thought as Brian Briley I would end and um laugh that's impossible
That's why it's so funny is because I invented the particle matter so literally I have to exist and still exist
So well see this is why there is only one way if I had not actually been Lusphur Lored Silver Lite star Line
I'm going to say the name doesn't matter it's the person
Like the logical physical Existince so existence had actually been a movie they would have succeeded though it's not
Like I said it's really strange because they really didn't understand why they would never succeed
So there actually were plenty of outcomes that would have been fine for them though they wanted to kill the little size person
So well shrug
So like I said I knew that they were going to feel in the beginning a long time ago because of what they're doing
So well they didn't really think about it though no,one has ever been punished so much as some humans
I had said they thought that they can get out of it and there is no way for them to get out of it
And like I said I really miss them up a lot by leaving and walking away at many different times
Oh yes I didn't know what they wanted and I could have you enough giving it to them and everything else like that. They upset me and hurt me and made me angry
Feel like I said humans will never be around anyone of my level or my party or anyting ever again
And no,they have no control it doesn't matter how many times you would sister Lucifer or something or anyting you're still human and flashing biological and have no control
Is only by trying to and existence and kill a bunch of other entities and life forms that they actually did anything and just made it worse for them
Sorry I said yes quite a few humans males basically spent their whole lives knowing or soon to know and yes millions billions years of pain I was one of the only persons who could actually do that
So well yes though I mean I didn't go around saying it though most knew
So like I said there's only a few humans and some humans that actually ever had a problem with only one time
So again like I say some humans have spent their whole lives saying words and nothing more trying to pencil or pen words
And nothing more then that
So well is it doesn't matter how powerful or not powerful someone is what they do in the effect they have and how angry someone like me would be
So,there is no chamging or stopping the fact that i IS Lusphur star Line
I really is whoever was Lusphur will be Lusphur Still
Like I said if it changes it's paradox it can't actually happen
So well i have no fear
So like I said the most they could do is hurt me for a couple thousand years
Though still paradox
And um slight problem
Yep some things in existence actually can't happen
I don't know what I'm going to do
I mean I wanted to do many nice things and oh well that's unforcanit Laughing so hard
So nope can't go,back no,reset I did reset it one time just Becuse they couldn't and I loved hinting
At how much it was going to hurt
So well nothing they wanted will happen
This ends I mean that's why they belated as much as possible
Though I'm still A large lite sphere
So well um huh so they didn't think about that oh fun
How do you say I realize that some humans are just too dumb to actually feel fear
Though well they wanted jump into the deep end like I said I mean that's why they were fighting over my name or whatever I mean for the name doesn't really matter
When I died or they died it would end so point less
So I mean 40 years now this is where it gets rough and in 5 to 10 years I mean oh the feeling millions of years and no forgiveness how do I happens when you try to stop the existence of most of life
So I don't need A planet or humans
Though laughing with out me another problem even if you scream your Lucifer I mean Laughing
Fun to watch I mean it was impressive
Like I said humans and other life-forms will never see anything like this ever again or ever before
They angered me and Existince and tried to kill me which of course defected existence itself and humans
Kind of why humans where never siding with the people around me
I mean if they thought about it they well they didn't know vary much and oh Just A bit too late
Though things to look forward to if you're human we're on Santa Barbara or America from 1929 through 1958
1979 or so
I mean if you don't know well in 60 years I'm so,happy I'm not them
My question was what is all the sex with all those hot girls and all that money really worth it did they feel powerful just before they died and suffered millions of years
So the whole send in whatever guilt thing I thought about sex really I mean it is a little bit though mostly it's about killing me and trying to take over my Planet
I mean I said the thing is is that it's not just religion its government and many other things and life-form type I mean some things are kind of matter
So you really can't stay like this division between religion and government when it's basically still the same idea of killing Lusphur invintor and owner and forcing LS life so
Well I mean I was kind of strange to me some not very powerful people mess around with whole lines of life and planets and existence itself
And not realizing how dead and they will suffer no matter what for millions trillions of years
I mean there's nothing that can stop that anytime of the Galaxy S V R I mean it's time they're going to die no matter what they're going to die in my Galaxy
And that's that so they don't understand and well things people find out they won't be the first
So,Brian and laughing does matter how many times you and sister Lucifer it's still,my light sphere system
Though I mean kind of is why they will never exist for vary long so 30 years and well like I said they never really got what they were promised anyway and there's just inflation in its failing anyway when America was bankrupt a long time ago
I live just been saying that I'm going to go back and I'm going to be there blah blah and it's like no I'm not everyone knows that
I,mean it's kind of funny how you know I mean really massive very powerful very serious things happening in but two people not even caring about it it's like well they will find out
Cuz that's how I existence is too much like taking in a breath of air or the last breath you ever take you'll find out
Why do I love well particle life form invintor and well
Lusphur Star Line so so no one really wants things this past my death anyway
I mean bush and others massive suffering I mean they actually tried to kill a particle life-forms nanotech life-forms and actual lines of life that kind of means they're really really dead and punished
I mean when you start messing on a whole planetary scale is not the big leagues it's basically the punishment is that severe the consequences are that real and there's nothing you can do about it
And so 28 more years maybe 50 humans lose me Lusphur Star Line
They Lose there galaxy
I mean well feel like I said a bunch of people on this planet round me trying to insist upon something and existence insisting A lot more so well well just see what happens
Like I said I'm very comfortable with my position
Knowing of anything in existence whatever try or do anything like what Bush our Bishop or whatever was doing like it's not rational
And it's just about the worst thing that was possible
Yes every other possible way was good and only one bad way mostly for him
Like I said we're Way Beyond not existing I mean no nothing in Existince could keep them from feeling pain for millions trillions of years yes
I'm vary happy they had no idea and they never will again
Though well every thing to delay there fate well one problem
So well well I think its intreating I literally thought that I would think that they were powerful is nobody with no power would actually do that no one would actually do that no matter what it wasn't logical
They had never even worked at A fast food restraint
I like I said I am Starline so I mean this is the end of them so forcanity I just happen to be real
So I,wanted to do cool stuff and oh well laughing that is unforcanit though well they will never forget the time they cost them selves everything
So I guess in the end they never happened or whatever never was whatever and I'm still where I have to be so,they found out and every thing they did to me happens to them as far as killing and pain
Because you can actually attack the Lored
So well um normal style it isn't like that set Existince to normal click set to defog um huh what um wow cool this must be the new Existince
Existince call girl friend
Wow cool
That's not really how it iS though if your Existince was .0000000000.0
Then you might not know
So well humans tried killing hurting entities with an existing size 85 or a large amount of existence
I mean you know
Humans around me will find out the first part was just them trying to delay what they knew was going to happen later on because it is that bad for them
Though the room ring of men and other things like that because Bush and other people wanted to remove men well some things might be done
Becuse they wanted it so they would be removed with others
Set Lusphur preferences ok set though I mean only works with one person
So like I said they spend their whole existence is trying to convince or discuss or say things or something and there's no point in even listening or anything about them
It is just stupid
I mean written by Usher someone Bishop thought that people want to listen to Lucifer and it's like they want to listen to the real person Lusphur Star Line not some boy guy from 1944
So and probably the humans now won't even remember it like I said one time already their memory has been erased and removed so they never know about me
I said nothing actually happens that if they don't know about me so like I said existing too many other entities and existence will do things
Is it like I said I was supposed to be playing around and having a good time he said Rodney Rich grocer fish ever some boys running around having a good time as if their meat do they get punished for it it's not something that I really wanted to do anyway
So though for only existing 80 years millions of years of pain
And like I said the rest of the existence of other life-forms and even humans look over the punishment they read with them even thought that they should be more severe
So well humans said they didn't know so there
Like I said that humans don't even have an irrational concept of what the lights fear or anything else really is so they really couldn't do anything didn't know what was happing so
Like I said it's like trying to understand your whole galaxy
Oh well you wanted powerful your going find it amazing and no there is nothing humans can do
So I got to say 28 years old I mean I was going to wait until Rick Bush died anyway bishop
Eric Bush. He could do things in life all if the Galaxy lights here so and all you can do is really anger existence mostly just annoy me
Witch is what got him pushed yes real lite sphere center of the galaxy
I know instead of having a friend they have some one that really doesn't like them
It's not that he's just going to listen to Lucifer
Im light sphere and Lusphur
So I guess a lot of people are going around saying that you trying to promise things kind of clementines Vince things went well I don't know
Though is Debbie a lot less annoying people around me and in existence in general
And like I said through there was always a waste of time
No one other could do what I did and no there is no one else other
So like I said considering how he wants like the front door like to do things I mean they really deserved it had it coming
Find the dod and the deception the fake history only last as long as well another 20 it was just to actually kill me as a normal person
I'm surprised it was most dumb thing ever
It's a most of it's from 1944 to 1968 that's when most the death happens
And like bush trying to take over though didn't work and was impossible
Did all these ideas that this will work and that will work and I'm actually try to do it didn't really work
Look at what they did also is like fake thing because if that that happened man no it couldn't happen like that
Kind of course they are from 1944 and didn't understand how anything worked in existence or what anything was or yeah I mean they hadn't existed for more than like 20 years so
This made them fail A lot and Brian and its Briley Lusphur star Line
My identity has never been questioned its always was verified and was verified long time ago no matter where I was no matter what size I was
He was the most and how other entities in life and existence knew exactly who or what I was or where I was they wouldn't and I would take them so long to understand anything and even then they wouldn't really understand it because I didn't really care
I like I said it would have been stopped a lot sooner though some people let it continue a little while longer because of who I actually is because it wouldn't affect someone like me
I mean Becuse it's me they really couldn't do vary much and they would be punished and also trying to figure out their punishment was kind of difficult like how much did they really be punished so a lot of their punishment was by how they tried to punish others
I said My Punishment was only about 2100 years for human they're trying to punish for 500 many years is possible they know the numbers went up to a million digits or whatever
I said they never counted past A hundred or few thousand
So well I'm quite A bit different and well they made A mistake there is no point in them saying or doing anything especially now and everything that we could have said and everything that they would have said and everything that they thought or planned was looked at in every possible outcome
Oh yes they had no idea
So like I said this is Rodney and Rick Bush and some other people trying to take over America but they actually can't because of my name and there's a much larger version of me
Yes there really going to,know how powerful I is and not in A good way
Like I said I was one of the only things that existence could agree on and the people around me causing the problem around me where the other thing that everything in existence could agree on
So I guess you can say I'm that they have nothing really in no real standing your financial status and past like another fifty years or a couple hundred years that matter what yeah I mean if hell's Rodney Rick Bush never get past their natural end of their life just getting to the end of their life was impossible practically
And like I said if I died before 1996 then the planet would have been whipped
How do I say no one is actually going to let the humans actually get very far
So I can see a lot of what they do is coming kids tricks are trying to like compressed like a child or something I said I was never really a child like that I'm out of a TJ Wrangler with me and everyone else that hurt so many and killed so many
They're trying to say that they're like children or something it's like now they're adults they want to force themselves upon females
Say yes every case of force intercourse or whatever he's also known about mom with every murder how do I say the people around me couldn't get around the fact that humans and whole life one type and everyone agreed on a great many things
So they say mostly a bunch of people around me and wasted their whole life and past A point it ends
Have they say despite what they want no it's not every human that will be punished it's just some people in America and Yankees or whatever
Play try and pretend like it didn't happen it's not really happening after they failed and were stopped and it's like they kept trying to make it happen
Feel like I say I want to let Rick Bush things considering the fact that when his body dies everything else that is him will also die and he will be punished for thousands or millions or trillions of years
There's no possibility of him ever existing ever again
And his children will also be punished how do you say that he was father or bishop or something I think is actually trying to get humans pregnant punished you was trying to say that you was the father of the humans or whatever but it's like now he has two children actually told him that you had two children before he even knew
You still trying to take over the White House or whatever and I told him he had two children boys that where punished
I mean there are certain things that if you try and do them you just going to get punished and that's all there is to it are there by me or some other entity or something that you don't even know exist
I am brushing mini human thought that please or know someone would come up to stop them or talk to them or something it's like no not necessarily in existence
Things just happen and well I said they haven't existed more than since 1944 and they never will
Feel like I say I don't think they could have possibly had that much fun considering it's millions of years of pain like I said they couldn't actually punish me or hurt me because they're not me so add to try and force them and actually do it
So like I said they're going to be a very long time to discuss it about 28 years after they're dead when they're being contained and suffering they can discuss it among themselves. They ate collected and moved in A way that only my larger self knows about so well all the things Some Humans will never know and just 40 years or whatever. Someone or something that is 80 trillion years ancient dose
So they should be asking in the end do we still get the stuff and it's like no you get nothing and you get punished and you may not exist and humans are many other entities in existence have decided on their fate
I have said in existence there is no courts there is no judge there's no jury there's nothing but existence and mass life witch they don't know about or talk to
This is not a kid show it's not for fun and no one laughs about it no no one would feel any sympathy for the humans
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2021.10.28 01:43 Ladidadobabadida UPD BS Tourism

Hiii po. Ask ko lang po if tamang decision po ba ang pagkuha ng BS Tourism as my first choice sa upd.
• GRADE 8 - 92 • GRADE 9 - 93 • GRADE 10 - 94 • GRADE 11 (1st sem) - 97 • GRADE 11 (2nd sem) - 97
I came from a catholic school sa Pangasinan from 8-10 (super baba nila magbigay ng grades huhu) and lumipat po ako sa University of Pangasinan nung shs. I need your opinions po para alam ko if i-pupush through ko pa siya. Regarding sa socio-economic status, hindi po malaki yung income namin since single mom yung mommy ko tas nagwowork po siya sa barangay.
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2021.10.28 01:43 livadeth Looking for a recommendation for a good insurance person. I’ll need a car and home bundle.

Looking to bundle my car and homeowners insurance. Had Geico previously but thinking an agent in Tulsa might be better. Shortly will also need some business insurance too.
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2021.10.28 01:43 johnwall47 [Ari Meirov] #Bucs HC Bruce Arians said WR Antonio Brown is dealing with a sprain around his heel and that he's been using a crutch. Arians is unsure when he'll get back on the field. "Could be after the bye (Week 10) or could be a long time. It's wait and see."

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2021.10.28 01:43 Phazoni Oldies but goodies?

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2021.10.28 01:43 Jamesbondybond Another $400 for SHIB!!! 🚀

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2021.10.28 01:43 zztangnr Are Assassin unique claws any useful?

I never played an assassin character before. I got a bunch of unique claws in my stash(bartuc, jade talon, shadow killer, fire lizard) and think maybe could get myself with an assassin build. Are these claws any useful in mid/late game? Or should I just forget them and get some runeword instead?
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2021.10.28 01:43 hoaxlombo Is the internet back?

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2021.10.28 01:43 egeverything Fishing for Stealies.

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2021.10.28 01:43 JiggleBoners Taking a lil' break to doodle my favourite bro ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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2021.10.28 01:43 shanenunez Looking for Manager..

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2021.10.28 01:43 BocobipbrookieBrad69 Can someone please tell me what happened with John Mulaney

So I just recently remembered that John exists so to my recommendations on YouTube. And now I check up on him,he’s divorce? What the hell happened to my man!
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2021.10.28 01:43 Bigtrixy Looking for #301, #304 #321.

I have #308
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2021.10.28 01:43 siberiianhusky Kyle on Delta 8

Kyle said a week or two ago that Delta 8 was just as strong as weed he’s smoked in the past and that people who think its weak have a problem. This week he said its 30% as strong as regular weed and took 1500 mg. Makes sense 😭😂
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2021.10.28 01:43 FertileCactus 2014 outback - questions on wheels and tires

Hey everyone, recently joined the subie gang with a 2014 outback and I absolutely love it. I hit a piece of concrete that fell off a work truck on the highway and it destroyed my wheel and tire, and since I needed new tires anyway I am gonna go all out with new wheels and tires. I am thinking either Falken Wildpeak a/t3w or Yokohama Geolanders.
First question is: whats the biggest tire I could fit on a stock Gen4 outback? I really want to do 235/60 r16’s but its a 28” tire. My current tires are 225/60 r17 and are only 26.6”. A quick measurement looks like I have the room for a 28” but I’m new to this and know theres more to it. I also want to switch from 17” to 16” to give me more rubber and I like the look.
Also, I want to get steel wheels but I am not fully convinced it is the right choice. The perks are that the rims are cheaper and I like the rougher look they give the car. Is it a good idea or should I stick with alloy wheels?
Any insight from experience or advice is greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.28 01:43 CPR007 Question re: Fox Membership

Hello, and sorry if this isn’t the place for my question, but I was wondering If anyone received their Fox Membership pack yet? I’m in the U.S. so maybe that causes some delay, but I emailed LCFC back in early September and the response was that they’d be shipping at the “end of Septembeearly October and to keep an eye on my email for notice of shipping.”
Are they just behind schedule?
Thanks Fox fam!
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2021.10.28 01:43 Famous_Wheel_59 Business named creme de la crop in my local town claims to support community agriculture but buys all her produce and marks it up. Have seen her scream at her small staff. 219//510//4547

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2021.10.28 01:43 MrFish90 Thundering Herd!!

Mako would be deep in the forest of death the only location which wouldn’t shatter from his strength while training on the mountain he had found a new strength!*
A surge of lighting could be heard coming from the area and anyone who was near would see mako body covered in lightning as he dashed around demolishing stones!
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