Trading Angel Halo And 15K For widow’s Bouquet

2021.10.28 02:20 -TodorokiSimps- Trading Angel Halo And 15K For widow’s Bouquet

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2021.10.28 02:20 meekotherogue Anyone else hear the firecrackers/fireworks go off just now in Varsity View?

It’s the second time in 2 weeks! It feels like it’s right on my doorstep, but I haven’t gotten a good look at it happening or who is doing it. I don’t even know if there’s anything I could do if I did catch the culprit. It freaks me out! I hope that’s the last of it..
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2021.10.28 02:20 planningmyescape_ Signed Lost in Space Graphic Novel

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2021.10.28 02:20 raining_thoughts Eclipse issue please help

Hello All,
When I try and run a Servlet "Run on Server" the web browsing window opens in Eclipse but then I am asked where I want to save the file. When I save the file I can open it with a browser and see the Servlet has worked.
How can I fix it so it simply opens in the Eclipse Browser window?
I am using the latest Eclipse and Tom Cat.
Thanks for your help.
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2021.10.28 02:20 TrendsWide US GDP data in focus after BOJ decision

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2021.10.28 02:20 TrendsWide Neither Pfizer, nor Moderna … Sports stars who don’t get vaccinated

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2021.10.28 02:20 majin_hendrix Captain America + Toy Story = Lightyear? (Lightyear Trailer Reaction)

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2021.10.28 02:20 Lias5 Insurance and It salary

IT manager with 6 years of management exp. major insurance company.
13 direct reports in systems analysis (requirements) and automation.
Am I crazy thinking I’m underpaid at a fortune 100 in the Midwest at 117k and a 10% bonus?
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2021.10.28 02:20 donta45 Shoutout to Harrison Barnes. He's the early frontrunner for MIP and he's looking like the stud people thought he would be at UNC.

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2021.10.28 02:20 Orangeslaad Help me pick a character please!

I'm starting a game soon and get to be a player. I haven't been the player for about 2 years now and am very much so looking forward to being out of the seat of the forever DM. Only in my time of being the forever DM I have character concepts that love and really want to play and are all so different I genuinely don't know who to pick. So please help!
First: Henakariem Kanash is a druid in the artic wasteland known as The Expanse. He has been known to travel into the surrounding areas in the Everfrost Glacier, the Chillwind Extent and even as far as the Iceplate Cliffs. He and his order protect nature and the surrounding wilderness to the best of their abilities. However it is a rather small number of them who protect The Expanse. There in The Expanse it's just him, his mother, their leader and a good friend of Henakariem.
For the majority of Henakariem's life he traveled the Expanse alone. Once a month his order would come together and report any oddities, evil or help either with rations, shelter or resources. For fourteen months Henakariem met at the designated igloo/storehouse; and for fourteen months he found it empty and abandoned. No notice of why they were missing. No clues on where they were. He wandered the Expanse and found nothing.
He travled to his father at the Iceplate Cliffs and didn't find him or anyone in his order either. Not knowing what to do he decided to track down the other orders in the circle of druids. However he didn't know where they were. So he started wandering and found himself in a group of adventures. They weren't druids but the fought evil and he'd been alone so long the company was nice. As well they traveled and eventually must run into a druidic circle.
Second: Archmond. One of the best mages of his age(however he is a sorcerer who was trained to be a wizard). He was the middle child of his 17 siblings on his families farm of the Xanxiles empire. He was nothing more than a small farm boy. Tilling wheat wasn't his fancy though. Whenever he entered town or even the city he would beg for books or talk to anyone he could for knowledge.
He was very studious and a very intelligent young boy. One day he was "adventuring" looking for elves in the woods when he found a ancient cave. He started to explore it and in it he found runes, texts and old speech of languages he has never seen before. That wasn't before he found a shimmering well. When he went to investigate he saw something in the well. When he reached in to grab for it he fell in.
Next thing he remembers is waking up in his bedroom. His parents told him he had been missing for weeks when in the middle of the night he in a trance made his way home and collapsed. He was in a coma for days after that.
Archmond tried to find the cave, writings and well again but never could find it. He couldn't explain it. Others could explain him on the other hand. He was different. A new power seemed to be will him. When he got angry the room would shake. When he got sad sometimes lights would get dim or go out entirely. One time in town he was balancing on a fence when a group of friends distanced him and he fell but when he did instead of falling he teleported 500ft away on the roof of old man Jenkinlof.
When the Xanxil Traverse mages guild heard of the young man who had shown obvious signs of magic they invented him to join their guild. He accepted promptly joined the schooling. It was beyond easy. He succeeded faster than any pupil before him. He mastered diffucult spells and outshined all of his peers. He soon was the only 12 year old about to graduate.
When he did many archmages scouted him and tried to pick him up to have archmond be their apprentice. He found one but after years of study and small boring jobs he quit.
He asked for a grant to start a research project. The mages accepted. Archmond then spent all the gold they gave in the first week and had nothing to show for it. The project was supposed to take a year so he decided he'd figure something out with time. He soon came across some adventures. They were a hoot. He has power he's never tested out before and the adventures were super cool and fun to hangout with. Plus he has about 11 months to bring something to the board of archmages to show them something for the money they gave him.
Thirdly: Atearious. When he was a baby he was abandoned on the doorstep of a Harmost. The man took Atearious in as his son and raised him to be a soldier. At the age of four his father made him cut the hands off of a criminal. By six Atearious killed an elk by crushing its heart. By 10 he killed his first man. When he was eighteen his father gifted him with his own troop to protect a garrison on the edge of the Ghostlands. For 13 months he lead 34 men in battle and defended this garrison. He was well respected by his men. After all he was a agent of death. The perfect soldier. A man of the law and all things righteous. It helped that he stood two to three feet taller than everyone else and weighted around 300lb more than any one one them.
After his service at the garrison his father asked if he wanted to move up ranks and become a lieutenant. Atearious declined.
All he knew was to be a soldier. Battle, hate and power. He saw love in the world. He wanted peace. He needed love. So he left all he knew. He wandered Mytos for a few years. He joined a group of monks at monastery for a few months, he worked as a miner for a while, a Fishman longer than that. He was a nomad for the majority of the time. In that time he found himself. He found love. He was no longer a soldier for his father's army now he was a soldier for love. To protect those who couldn't help themselves. He was a kind wayfarer and vowed to help everyone he could. Save anyone in his power to save. When he found a group of potential allies. They definitely needed his help. But had the potential to save the realm from anything and everything evil.
I have others. Many others but these are my top three. Tell me what you think!
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2021.10.28 02:20 TrendsWide If you are thinking about getting pregnant, know the importance of treating hypothyroidism

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2021.10.28 02:20 TwoCoresOneThread [WR] Far Cry 6 Any% in 32:04 by Binslev

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2021.10.28 02:20 Zee200iq Carmen's name is actually not real

I dont know if this is some crack theory but carmen's name(which is carmen) isnt real. In 'BECOMING CARMEN SANDIEGO PT II' She takes a red coat and escapes and AFTER ESCAPPING shadowsan,player asks if the protagonist has a name and she looks at the coat and steals the name from a famous fashion designer lmaoooooooooo
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2021.10.28 02:20 AntiSmarkEquation Has anyone done math on what AOS path is more credit-efficient for upgrading your mechs : Investment Research or Unit Facilities?

I know most of you are probably going to run this game no upgrades, but I can't be bothered to do that anymore (I'm old, sue me, also I've done those enough times that I'm done). So, I wanna figure out what's gonna get me the most bang for my buck.
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2021.10.28 02:20 GATUKILLER Brawl Stars eventos nuevos

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2021.10.28 02:20 calthriller [US-CA][H] paypal , local cash or trade with a zotac 1070 ti mini [W] RTX 3060

Hey looking for a 3060 for gaming lhr works too. Budget is around $550
I can also add my 1070 ti mini for a trade + cash.
Zip : 95834 or 94720 sf
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2021.10.28 02:20 knlkn2 Jarred Vanderbilt

Played 30 mins today at the starting 5, chipping in 10 pts and 13 rebounds. What do you guys think about his outlook ?
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2021.10.28 02:20 deephair Elvis Costello Slates an ‘Urgent’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Album, ‘The Boy Named If,’ With New Label, Capitol Jan 14, 2022

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2021.10.28 02:20 DodoheadDoocan please help

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2021.10.28 02:20 ZacharyL182 Skin Idea for Xayah and Rakan

I think a Shuriman skin theme for xayah and Rakan would work out very well. In the ancient Egyptian belief system, once someone passes away their hearts would be judged on a scale by Osiris (basically nasus) using a Feather of Maat (Mah-Aht).
Rakan could be modeled after Horus who is the god of the sun and the sky (he has a bird head).
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2021.10.28 02:20 TrendsWide Skin care is not just for washing.. Natural recipes for the beauty of your face and hands

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2021.10.28 02:20 OganessonCoin Join The New Revolution Now OGANESSON COIN

💢💫 Join The New Revolution Now 💢💫


OGC is a new Metaverse game and NFT and Pledge mining comprehensive service platform of BSC intelligent chain, which aims to build a World-class digital assettrading center and take pledge mining as a means of promotion, so as to promote the ecological construction of NFT digital economy.

✅ Introduction to OGC token bonus ✅
🔥 A 500,000 OGC Token Airdrop Plan 🔥🚀🚀

🔴 Basic task (lock)
💰 Register DAPP and enter the group and report ID to reward 100ogc
Note- The top 1000 completed basic tasks with a value of 100$ lock miner

🔴 Recommended task (lock)
💰 Recommend 3 friends to complete basic tasks and reward 100ogc. The reward is not capped

🧨 Unlock rule
1️⃣Recommend one 2$ miner to unlock 100OGC
2️⃣Pledge 2$ miner to unlock 100OGC

🔴 Other
🚀 Each account can only pledge one 2U miner.
🚀 Validity period of 100$ lock Miner: 7 days. If it is not unlocked within 7 days, the produced OGC and miner will be destroyed automatically.
🚀 Activation rules: Referral 3 pledged mining to unlock the miner and OGC💰💰

🔴OGC tokens are limited to 10 million
👉50%: Pledge mining
👉20%: Defi exchange
👉15%: Community leaders
👉5%: Community airdrop
👉5%: Ecological construction
👉5%: Team reward

Deflation mechanism:
The smart contract will automatically charge 8% of the transaction fee, of which 4% will enter the pledge mining dividend pool and 4% will enter the black hole for destruction. When the mining is released, it will automatically charge 5% of the fee to enter the black hole for destruction. After 50% of the total destruction, it will not be destroyed.

1) Dividend pool:
👉 Dividend rules:
It is distributed according to the computing power of mining machines held by individuals. Distribution rules: individual dividend = individual computing power ÷ total computing power of the whole network × Dividend pool funds.

👉 Dividend time:
The dividend mechanism is triggered by voting, and the mine owner initiates voting. The bonus pool distribution is automatically triggered when the pass rate is greater than 50%.

👉 Voting rules:
If you hold more than 2T to initiate voting or participate in voting, you need to pay a handling fee, and the voting handling fee will be destroyed in the black hole. Calculation formula of voting fee: personal computing power ÷ final computing power × Dividend pool fund × 5%

2) Miner type

👉 Experience miner
OGC with pledge value of 2$
Production cycle: 365 days
Annualized rate: 230%
Each account is limited to 1 set!

👉 OGC miner (1T)
OGC with pledge value of 100$
Production cycle: 365 days
Annualized rate: 230%

🔴 Team upgrade
1️⃣V1 level: pledge 1 OGC mining machines to become v1
2️⃣V2 level: pledge 3 OGC mining machines, and referral 3 V1 levels
3️⃣V3 level: pledge 6 OGC mining machines, and referral 3 V2 levels
4️⃣V4 level: pledge 9 OGC mining machines, and referral 3 V3 levels
5️⃣V5 level: pledge 12 OGC mining machines, and referral 3 V4 levels

🔴 Team benefits (except experience mining machine)
1️⃣V2 level: 3% of referral revenue
2️⃣V3 level: 6% of referral revenue
3️⃣V4 level: 12% of referral revenue
4️⃣V5 level:12% of referral revenue and 7% of infinite layer revenue

Check them out today 👇👇👇👇

💢💫 Telegram English: u/OGCEN

💢💫 Telegram Chinese: u/OGCCoin

💢💫 Website:

💢💫 Twitter:
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2021.10.28 02:20 HighBeamsCrew Sticker pack for upcoming automotive streetwear brand!

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2021.10.28 02:20 Third06 PS5 Camera quality

To whoever owns a ps5 camera how good is it for $60? I’ve been thinking of getting it for streaming. Also, do you think the price might go down this month or two?
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2021.10.28 02:20 abarua01 Why do you keep all the good China locked up and never use it, yet simultaneously call modernism's wasteful?

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