can someone duel me and tell me how shit my net is?

2021.10.28 02:52 DL1943 can someone duel me and tell me how shit my net is?

live in a really rural area, started pvp out here and as i learned more about lag and latency i started limiting my pvp sessions to when i was down in the city visiting my folks where they have solid ethernet. just switched back to a wired connection from wireless and want to test it might be wired to my pc from the router but its wireless again after that so im sure there is still pretty good lat at the very least.
im really starting to notice how rusty i get after not playing for 4+ weeks in a row, it would be nice if my net was ok enough for some kind of pvp - maybe not meta duels or invading other peoples games, but maybe its good enough to play with a few choice pontiff meme survivalists where its basically a battle of gravity/patience/cheese, or maybe fucking with high wall twinks as a blue or something. send me a dm if you are willing to have a lag battle or two and tell me how bad it is.
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2021.10.28 02:52 SnooMuffins5294 Mountain Majesty

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2021.10.28 02:52 zynamo_ Can all Incarnation use the dokaebi bag?

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2021.10.28 02:52 shutyourtimemouth Day 84, the one-woman army

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2021.10.28 02:52 NewsElfForEnterprise UPDATE 8-Sunak promises more spending as UK emerges from pandemic

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2021.10.28 02:52 banmanche [RDTM] simple math, but math nonetheless

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2021.10.28 02:52 internationalbucks not bad - in my opinion

Consensus Estimate for total revenues of the company stands was $6,056 million. Actual was $6,300+ roughly 2% higher than the $6,188 million reported in the prior-year quarter.
The consensus mark for adjusted earnings per share is pegged at 8 cents. Actual was 9 cents (8euro). It had reported 6 cents in the year-earlier quarter.
Lots of things to like in this report.
Not the "wild break out" numbers that would shoot this stock to double digits. Good, steady, strong progress. Nice report. Not fantastic. But Nice.
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2021.10.28 02:52 Seer_Zo [ V3-1 & V3-2 ] You promise

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2021.10.28 02:52 qwenmn AH PEKS GO GYM - ONE PUNCHING THE MACHINE, ANOTHER PLAYING WITH HANDLE A video emerged online showing a co...

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2021.10.28 02:52 carter31119311 Question regarding the Brother 4500D!

Hello! I really quickly wanted to post and just ask if I’m getting a good deal with this machine. I don’t know a whole lot about embroidery. However, I have read up, mostly on here, and I decided to wait. I have waited about 6 months because everyone said to save up for something that can do bigger than 4x4. Well I saved up a good sum of money and decided to finally use a portion of it. An embroidery shop near me has a used brother 4500d that I talked them down from $1,500 to $1,000. My only problem is that, when they went to show me the machine working, it didn’t work. Some error message popped up and it’s been at a brother repair place for about 2 week now. I put a deposit down on it, a small one, but still a deposit. Is this a really bad sign? I don’t know a lot about these like I said. But if I got a car, and it had issues straight out of the gate, I’d probably prepare for more issues. Is this the same for embroidery? I didn’t get a run time number, or stitches counted or anything like that. It is in very nice condition though. And I thought $1,000 seemed good, but I figured I’d ask those of you that know more than me!
Thank you in advance! If anyone has questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll answer the best I can!
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2021.10.28 02:52 JustJoshinMagic How can I get the attribute of a selected key in the graph editor

Hi there! I need to get the attribute from a key (or keys) selected in the graph editor. Preferably in python. I was trying to follow this tutorial to figure it out in mel, but unfortunately when I try it, it just gets me all of the attributes instead of just the selected one. Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.10.28 02:52 PauseeRunner Tips for role playing a genestealer cult

So next story arc of my party is they will almost accidentally uncover a genestealer cult so I was looking for tips for role playing genestealer cultists. Quotes maybe holy scripture to chant out and some nice facts and stuff
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2021.10.28 02:52 Diamond_Hans_Podcast How Migration will work

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2021.10.28 02:52 vehement_vulcan My son has been Link for Halloween the past 5 years. Each year I have to tweak it or change versions. This year: Zonai hand. 😄

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2021.10.28 02:52 Missdisasterous Ik📲ihe

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2021.10.28 02:52 MediaTrafficOrg Caitlyn Jenner Defends Dave Chappelle; Chappelle Gets Dragged By Azealia Banks

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2021.10.28 02:52 nimblelinn What would you do? Battle car the legacy? Or street the Impreza?

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2021.10.28 02:52 strandedcat02 nothingness beyond this point (oc)

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2021.10.28 02:52 SempervictoresGG [NA] Semper Victores Eports Club - Premier Esports Organization

SMVC (“Semper Victores”) ​is an amateur competing and professionally structured Esports Organization that is based in the east coast of the US. The SMVC brand offers a unique opportunity to not only the players but to potential sponsors as well.
Started in 2017 by Comedian, SMVC operates around the clock online with a legion of players, coaches, managers, directors, and executive leaders. Ranging from people entering the community to people with years and years of esports experience, the SMVC staff is filled with innovation and experience to navigate the landscape of Esports.
We are looking for determined and dedicated players as we re enter into Valorant that want to be part of esports history and be part of the greatest amateur organization there is!

\Disclaimer: we will not accept any player who does not meet these requirements!\**
why choose us?
We at SMVC, we pride ourselves on three words, Dedication, Determination, and Domination. we are the most dedicated organization on the east coast USA. We are determined to win every battle we partake in even if we got to lose some to win some. ultimately we crush our opponents with strength and courage. even though we are small we are a family unlike those other communities and teams that only say that to entice you. our culture is that of Spartans, we only accept the strong minded and bloodthirsty. you one of them?
if this seems like something you're interested in then either leave a reply or add Comedian#8925 on discord.
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2021.10.28 02:52 _King_pin_ My build. Something a little different. Specs in first post.

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2021.10.28 02:52 Catnatsuki_ Is it bad that my plants eat birds?

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2021.10.28 02:52 apathymonger New on Leo Karpatze's Monster Match '77, story by Ryan Perez & Nick Wiger, featuring Caroline Anderson, Matt Apodaca, Heather Anne Campbell, Shaun Diston, Alana Johnston, Mike Mitchell, Jordan Morris, Griffin Newman, Ryan Perez, Toni Charline Ramos, and Nick Wiger

Available as part of the new CBB Presents feed, at the $7 a month level.

1977 . Jimmy Carter was sworn in as President, Smokey and the Bandit struck box office gold, and Monster Mash composer Leo Karpatze hosted a failed horror-themed dating show pilot entitled Monster Match. The unearthed raw audio from the taping is presented in its entirety for the first time ever.
Produced & Edited by Brett Morris
Story by Ryan Perez & Nick Wiger
Theme Song by Brett Morris with Scott Passarella and Dana Wickens
Caroline Anderson
Matt Apodaca
Heather Anne Campbell
Shaun Diston
Alana Johnston
Mike Mitchell
Jordan Morris
Griffin Newman
Ryan Perez
Toni Charline Ramos
Nick Wiger
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2021.10.28 02:52 Voice-Content Non mega xl blasters that fling mega xl darts?

I just got some mega xl darts and was wondering if there is anyway to shoot it without a mega xl blaster. Is there pipe or tube or barrel attachment that would fit a mega xl darts ?
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2021.10.28 02:52 MikeTheMan5454 Looking for camping spots near boulder

I am looking to camp in a tent and also fish near boulder any recommendations are appreciated!
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2021.10.28 02:52 Leenaners A fairy chasing bubbles

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