How to make a 2022 Stinger GT-Line Faster?

2021.12.09 02:13 Frequent_Stomach3309 How to make a 2022 Stinger GT-Line Faster?

Any advice is gladly taken!
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2021.12.09 02:13 yolo2stronk Hand analysis: 1/3 MGMNH Anniversary

Only read on V is that he went all in 10~15 hands prior with K4hh only to get stacked by good reg w AK.
Game is soft bc of MGMNH anniversary table deals. Many fish around, and I am one of them.
Hero in UTG straddle with Q8ss. 4 calls to me and I check the action.
Flop comes KQ8hh bang we flop bottom 2. Check from SB BB I elect to bet 15 about 1/2 pot into 4 opponents. Called from UTG+1 and the button, blinds fold.
Turn comes an inconsequential deuce. I lead again for half pot ($35) and only get called on the button.
River K
Front door hearts misses. 2 pair has been counterfeited and I elect to check. Button now bets 80, approximately 2/3 pot. I tank. I eventually fold bc all kinds of junky K3 K2 A9 etc has made it to showdown at the table. I get verbally agitated during the hand saying my opponent got extremely lucky w the river. I decide on a fold face up (the salt was building) and fish villain tables J10 for the missed straight draw.
Reasons this hand is haunting me (besides my stunted ego):
AK KQ are blocked because of the held Qs. Fish would’ve raised pre with known good holdings such as AK KQ to thin the field.
Although any K makes trips on the river, by leading into 4 opponents I sometimes have a K in my hand. Occasionally, a K with a bad kicker will check back the river bc of nautical fear given they’ve been led into twice (and once into 4 opponents).
Obviously our hand is counterfeited here but given the 2 most obvious draws, J10 and hearts miss, how often do you think a call is okay in this spot? How often should I bet fold bet call river? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts ab how I punted 5 chipotle bowls
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2021.12.09 02:13 Piece_of_Eden Winter Pokeberries

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2021.12.09 02:13 dierdong22 Fundamental Research says Ayurcann $AYUR is worth $.60c. Currently $.13c. Ayurcann is one of the few cannabis companies that was operationally profitable from the beginning. Blue sky for AYUR.

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2021.12.09 02:13 Faded_Sympathy V's Model is pitch black in character creation and in-game as well

I just bought this game today since I seen it was 50% off. After I installed the game I got into the character creation menu and both male and female models were pitch black. I've been looking all over the internet and can't find anything related to my issue. I've checked drivers, restarted my PC, did two different fresh installs and changed a bunch of graphics settings to see if that would help but no luck. Is anyone else having the same issue?
System Info:
CPU: Intel i7-10700k
I'm using Windows 10 as well.
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2021.12.09 02:13 Aromatic_One9610 weapons not showing

i bought some weapon packs awhile back and alot of the guns are gone!! im so confused and lost on how to get em back. there’s nothing in the store or storage. please i need help!
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2021.12.09 02:13 Wild_Ride_348 Any takers? If no one wants at buy it now price I am willing to listen to offers

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2021.12.09 02:13 WorkThreadGazer Small loss but thanks Bruins 😢

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2021.12.09 02:13 Kanaraketti These doors look like a stickman Squidward. Now you can't unsee it.

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2021.12.09 02:13 Sovud22 Need Guidance

I started my blender journey 3 months ago I learned basics as well as some advance stuff of modelling, texturing, shading, adding animation to your model. One day I read an article of geometry nodes on reddit and started to learn about it. I learned some basics using crossmind studios tutorial series and I found that you can make very complex things easily which are not easy with poly modelling. So, my question is should I learn geometry nodes or is it too early to go deep into this. Or should I leave geo nodes for now and grind my time to learn more about poly modelling, texturing, shading, etc
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2021.12.09 02:13 amswy I'm back bois

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2021.12.09 02:13 Lost_Lynx_6430 Tucker Carlson justifying an invasion of Ukraine is where he has been heading all along

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2021.12.09 02:13 Ok_Zookeepergame5141 The karaoke man

He's at it again. Singing karaoke in his garage alone. It's 10 pm and he's got the music loud as usual. Who knows how long he's going to sing this time. If he goes past midnight I'll have to text his wife again. He's such an idiot.
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2021.12.09 02:13 ireland479 When did your sex drive return after quitting Lexapro?

Hi everyone! When my boyfriend and I first started dating his sex drive was pretty strong. Any time I came over he would practically attack me as soon as I got in the door. Then he switched from Wellbutrin to Lexapro and his sex drive was nearly non-existent. I almost always initiated and often he would struggle to climax or maintain an erection. He has since switched back to Wellbutrin and a lot of things are improving. I can tell his sex drive is starting to return, but it isn’t what it was. He is week 7 into 300 MG of Wellbutrin XL. He completely stopped Lexapro in week 4. Is it realistic to expect his drive will return to what it was? Thank you all in advance.
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2021.12.09 02:13 multiano_x I simultaneously hate and love this

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2021.12.09 02:13 morganawithanxiety I reported 3 male cousins for sexually molesting me as early as 9 years old

I’m 22 and also female. I didn’t realise when I was younger but the entire side of my dads family are all pedophiles.
My parents started off by taking as to family church services, if I could explain these services it’s say a prayer and read the bible then leave all the kids to play so the adults can just binge on booze.
The adults of the family would get so drunk that a few of them started to take advantage of me on the nights I would stay there without my parents.
I remember everything, every touch, how scared I was, trying to understand what the fuck is going on lol, it hasn’t been fun. I never thought I would report it, I never thought I would even be able to tell my parents because of the shame and embarrassment I felt.
It’s been almost 13 years since and I finally reported my cousins molesting me to the police and opened up to my family. Ofc they were sad but what fucked me up even more was my mums response “I told you not to sleep in the same room as them.”
I was 9 they were all above 18 clearly adults knowing there actions are criminal and indecent? Anyways my immediate family just treat me like fragile baby because of my mental health conditions which annoys me because All I want is there love but I blame them so much for what happened to me.
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2021.12.09 02:12 Tothemoonfool Sorry everyone. I have held long enough and at least I reached 2.75 billion. It was fun while it lasted

But it's time for me to move on to higher heights and hold until I reach 3 billy. Let's go! 🚀
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2021.12.09 02:12 PyraXenon Shiny...Hunting?

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2021.12.09 02:12 sixhundredandsixtsix Wellbutrin abuse?

I'm watching Shameless, and the father, Frank, who is known for his use of drugs and alcohol is dating a pyscatrist. She prescribes him Wellbutrin and he gets excited. I was prescribed Wellbutrin years ago and never had any euphoric feeling or any reason I could see to abuse the drug.
Anyone ever heard of this?
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2021.12.09 02:12 Binx_da_gay_cat A happy story

I'm a trans barista. I decided to eff it and apply as transgender me, not straight me. Since I'm closeted, thankfully my mail comes to my birth name and my parents are none the wiser. My mom is not okay with me being anything but cishet, my dad would be okay with it but would tell mom ultimately. My dad is the "he's a little confused, but he's got the spirit" meme in person. All in all he's lovely.
So his shift at work got changed Tuesday and he decided to try to surprise me at work. I say tried to because I saw him parked next to my car when I ran out on my 10, so he didn't master that element of surprise lol. Pleasant interaction, hid my nametag quickly (and until he left), but my fellow baristas are AMAZING! I slid behind to put something in the back and asked the bar barista to please take off the label and call it out in his name before handing it out. She did. No one called me by my name thankfully, and my shift noticed I was nervous and asked about it later. All cool, I love how everyone was. I warned the shift that if I ever walk in with an adult and couldn't call ahead, it likely is a parent and not to use my name.
My dad wanted to try a drink we created while on vacation this past weekend. It was a "I wonder if this would be good" recipe and I tried it - and it was the bomb! So I got that for him and he said it tasted like his grandma's apple cider. His grandma owned a farm in NY with apples (among other things) and he had memories of going up there starting as a young kid and making cider with her. She was an amazing woman (though I never met her) and being able to spark that memory for him makes me almost tear with happiness as I write this.
My fellow work crew is GOLD and I go to work to relax and calm down. I leave feeling zen and much less stressed than before. It's my first retail job but I got so lucky at this store. I wanted to show some appreciation. I know a lot of baristas can be not so fond working here but I seriously hit jackpot. Home is super stressful (I'm 18 but still living here to save up to move) so the fact work calms me down is relieving. Thank you to all the baristas who do love your jobs and care about your fellow partners. It makes a difference and y'all are lifesavers.
Just an appreciation post, please have a fantastic day and thank you for what you do!
(Idk if I'm allowed to share drinks that aren't on the menu so I'll only add it if it's allowed.)
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2021.12.09 02:12 ke4ta i miss when you could have fun and be a teen delinquent without commiting felonies

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2021.12.09 02:12 sandwichandtortas Cle de Peau The Foundation in O10 Very Light Ocre

I've just received a sample of the Cle de Peau The Foundation in O10, very light ocre, and I'm amazed, it's my exact foundation match. Nothing has ever come close.
Unfortunately, I definitely can't afford the 250usd tag, do you have some dupes? How would you describe the shade? It's the perfect neutral tone for me.
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2021.12.09 02:12 Zach_Bundschuh Dark mark from Harry Potter

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2021.12.09 02:12 keturunanbule Legit Empuk! Pisang Plenet Pak Yuli, Pisang Bakar Klasik Topping Selai Nanas - Detikcom

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2021.12.09 02:12 personalfleek Eve + Wall-E = FoodRobot

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