NA Clash T4 - Looking for teammates

2021.12.04 19:05 TroxineR NA Clash T4 - Looking for teammates

Still looking for a mid, jgl, and adc. If you want to join dm me on reddit or add me on my IGN: Scorbss.
Please be able to use discord.
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2021.12.04 19:05 PrimoPumpkin2 Call of Duty WW2 moments that flip my (Ham and Cheese Croissant), Not Cl...

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2021.12.04 19:05 Iorventh Episode 2 Mission not starting

I've just finished the missions regarding the 4 individuals, but there's nothing popping up to give me the next main mission. I looked it up I think I'm supposed to start Two Birds One Stone but there's been no prompt whatsoever
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2021.12.04 19:05 Professor_Bookman This year, Santa has brought you 100 f*cks (of the non-sexual type) to give. How will you use them?

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2021.12.04 19:05 NilesCraneVersusGOB My Robocop and Me

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2021.12.04 19:05 PranuAryan Week 3 ultimate challenge nameplate variations

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2021.12.04 19:04 bensbrackets Undertale songs March Madness Tournament 2nd Round- Day 1

This is the second round of the Undertale songs March Madness-style tournament. Answer honestly, and may the best song win!!!
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2021.12.04 19:04 tastythriftytimely Festive Pumpkin Beet Poletna

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2021.12.04 19:04 Penguinman0777 30m Looking for a cool new friend!

I am into watching shows and movies together. I enjoy playing guitar and video games. Would be awesome to find someone who games but not required. I'm a creative person with a huge heart. I love helping others out with advice. Love sharing music.
With all of that said I will not ghost you. I like to talk often. I seem to meet a lot of people who want to make friends but then can never talk or vanish. I want someone who actually wants to talk regularly. I'm more then happy to get into voice and video calls. I want a something that feels close to IRL. You can be from anywhere in the world.
Feel free to shoot me a message. I'm very friendly and talkative :) Over 18 Please. When you feel comfortable I prefer to use discord. Give it a chance I can be your new awesome friend :)
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2021.12.04 19:04 MccrauecyHydrauz ๐ŸŽ„Xmas Chronic ๐ŸŽ„Fair Launch NOW๐Ÿ’ฅ Based dev & team!! ๐Ÿš€ x1000 potential

โ„๐Ÿ’ฅ๐ŸŽ„ XMAS CHRONIC ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ’ฅโ„
๐Ÿ“Œ Fair launch on December 4TH 20:30 CET!!
Low tax gem! Potential 1000x Based dev and team huge marketing and give aways incoming.
Combine Xmas and Weed and you've a guaranteed moonshot!
Always do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose.
We will implement mini games that will give daily rewards to the top players of the games ๐ŸŽฎ
๐Ÿš€ FAIR LAUNCH ๐Ÿ‘ค Experienced De
๐Ÿ”ฅ Dedicated Team ๐Ÿ’Ž Low Mcap gem ๐Ÿ•น Upcoming XMAS Games
๐Ÿ”น๏ธ Total supply: 100M
๐Ÿ”น๏ธ 6% Marketing ๐Ÿ”น๏ธ 4% Liquidity
๐Ÿ”’ Locked liquidity
๐Ÿ“„ Contract: 0x92c95761B77fDEA4A5d97E33F5c43160d775aC23
๐ŸŒ Website:
๐Ÿ‘ฅ Telegram:
๐Ÿ“ฃ Twitter:
European based team, 100% SAFU.
We are in a bullrun now, buy cheap sell high. Hold and show your diamond hands. Don't be a pajeet and go for the happy meal but go for the oyster and lobster ๐Ÿ˜‹
Be your own Santa and buy Xmas Chronic token.
Go with the hype of Christmas and Tha chronic ! A perfect combination!
โ€œWith DeFi, we are building the finance system of tomorrow that is more efficient, faster, more rewarding, and levels the playing field for everyone.
๐Ÿง Pancakeswap:
๐Ÿ”“ Liquidity Locked:
๐Ÿ”“ Ownership Renounced:
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2021.12.04 19:04 Expensive_Minute_166 My neighbor moved and gave me this guy, is he Colombian or Argentine?

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2021.12.04 19:04 HeavyMetalSasquatch What is a conspiracy theory you actually believe in?

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2021.12.04 19:04 hasaniboom which love triangle would you rather have instead of Duncan x Courtney x Gwen?

you must choose
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2021.12.04 19:04 fightmesalad Dog Park Excitement

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2021.12.04 19:04 spandex6969 I like this freaking amazing girl but she lives many states away and I have no way of contacting her because she has no social media and I was too scared to ask for her number and I have no idea what to do

(apologies for bad grammar and stuff I just need to get this all out) I've known this girl since I was like 3 because her family used to be our neighbors in a small town but both of our families moved when we were still toddlers. we regularly visit them on vacation and we would hang out and the last time I saw her was when I was in 8th grade and she was in 7th and I absolutely fell for her back then and I thought those feelings had died until I saw her for the first time in like almost 5 years this week (I'm a highschool Senior now.) and we had to watch our siblings while our parents went out to eat and we had the most amazing talk ever and it took her some time to open up to the conversation but then we really hit it off and it was just so cool and the next possibility of me seeing her is when my family takes me to college (which is about 6 hours from where she lives) but now I'm home and I have no way of contacting her because she has no social media and I was too scared to ask for her number because I don't wanna creep her out and I haven't even considered the possibility of there being other boys in her life. I do have her Dad's phone number, but I'm way to scared to ask him for her number because I don't wanna come of as a creep. Thanks for listening to my woes!
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2021.12.04 19:04 BartasWOOF Help!

My hair gets really knotty/matted at the back where my roots are. Can anyone provide me some tips to help ๐Ÿฅบ
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2021.12.04 19:04 MiserableAd151 I need help finding who made this. I can't find who did it but it's something of a tower. It was painted in 1963

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2021.12.04 19:04 Natali_1561 Vintage Batman

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2021.12.04 19:04 nachoevil Intercooler mod on Celica GT 1974 looks gnarly!

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2021.12.04 19:04 outofbounds626 Save a brisket?

So, I had looked up how to save a brisket that didn't turn out as tender as you wanted and everything pretty much said make sandwiches(basically screwed). I decided to try something and was curious if anyone else has had any success tenderizing a brisket after the cook? I'll lay out my story below:
After cutting into my brisket after about a 10 hour cook it just didn't have the tenderness that I was hoping for, although it still tasted great. I cut my leftovers into 1 pound chunks and placed each into its own vacuum sealed bag with about 2 tablespoons of beef broth and 2 tablespoons of smoked tallow.
The next morning I wanted leftovers so I took out my sous vide machine and a pot of water. I put the sealed brisket bag into the water and set the machine to 190F and let it simmer for an hour and half. Lowered it to 176 for an hour then down to 166 for an hour and half. 4 hours total.
Took out and let it rest for about 10 minutes still sealed in the bag. Removed from bag and sliced and both my gf and I agreed that it definitely made it more tender. The broth even added a little saltiness and the smoked tallow seemed to help retain the smokey flavor. I'd go so far as to say it was better than it was during the initial eat. Which is a good and bad thing. I do want to say that likely the overnight stay in a sealed bag likely helped the smoke flavor absorb into the meat more, maybe helped by the smoked tallow. But this is just a hypothesis.
Anyway, just wanted to share that this, by our account, did rescue this brisket and I'll continue to do it if they don't come out the way I want in the future.
Hope this may help anyone that doesn't get the results they desired and doesn't want to resort to making sandwiches(which ain't bad, but maybe not the intention).
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2021.12.04 19:04 rgstiegler Looking for a couple (or two) for board games!

My partner and I are really interested in getting deeper into board games. Looking for some fun, casual people to play games with.
Weโ€™re still pretty new to more intense games so weโ€™ll have to learn heaps of new ones but if youโ€™re interested please let me know! ๐Ÿ˜Š
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2021.12.04 19:04 OMYachingtentacles Does anyone here have experience making shower steamers in bulk?

Iโ€™ve been doing small batch and itโ€™s just not cutting it at the moment because Iโ€™m a breastfeeding mom of an extremely colicky baby. Any tips on cutting down time or just making things go more smoothly? I have already been premixing the essential oil solution so thatโ€™s ready to go. I thought about premixing what dry ingredients I can (minus the citric acid, I like to add that last) and also thought about buying a standing mixer instead of a hand mixer, but Iโ€™m pretty sure it wouldnโ€™t mix well enough. Any tips? Or is there a better subreddit for this I havenโ€™t found yet?
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2021.12.04 19:04 Bam_BINO__ Gonna need some popcorn reading all the comments on this

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2021.12.04 19:04 ForeverFinalGirl Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 Review
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2021.12.04 19:04 Alarmed_Vegetable_91 How shiny can you polish an iPod?

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