hope Jim's ok

2021.12.09 02:16 LeRealMeow2U hope Jim's ok

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2021.12.09 02:16 Due_Contribution_258

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2021.12.09 02:16 TrickyAd4149 [REPOST] Christmas help for my kids

Merry Early Christmas to you all! I have 5 kids that need Christmas help : David, Norah, Matchrist, Annie, & Dorothy.
David (3 years old) is very talkative, and considerate (when you cough, he would go behind you and pat your back ) He likes Superhero’s mostly Batman & Spider-Man, he likes to say that he is Spider-Man, pj masks, and cars
Norah (7 years old) is always curious about anything that she sees, and energetic. She likes fidget toys, Jojo siwa
Matchrist (9 years old ) is very artistic and inventive. She wants to be a model when she’s older & also a designer. She likes to do hands on activities
Annie (13 years old) is outgoing and friendly. She’ll talk to anyone at school that is lonely just so they can have someone to talk too. She likes watching videos and playing outside.
Dorothy (14 years old) is attentive and joyful. She plays basketball in school & always make sure that her little siblings are okay. She likes music and jewelry.
GIFTS PURCHASED- David - Spider-Man Plush and Pj masks learning tablet, mini toaster kitchen Norah- Fidget toys and Crayola Scribble, pogo stick Matchrist- Friendship bracelet kit and Unicorn night light, book Annie - Grey hoodie and small fan, Lights Dorothy- Heart Bracelet and Bluetooth Speaker, Basketball
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2021.12.09 02:16 Wide-Science-8545 my new reup! cherry pie got me feelin all types of ways!

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2021.12.09 02:16 newsdk Politikere trækker i land: Stor aftale om Gudenåen risikerer at falde

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2021.12.09 02:16 Kooky-Artichoke9305 Wills drink of choice to unwind after a long stream

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2021.12.09 02:16 stelliokonto Minor achievement I made the final bench piece!

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2021.12.09 02:16 WeGoToMars7 Google Pay is gone with December software update

Installed latest software update couple of hours ago, and now I got a notification that my phone is running uncertified software or rooted so the Google Pay can't work.
The phone definitely isn't rooted, the software is from OTA update. I use Google Pay daily, what should I do.
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2021.12.09 02:16 Bathhousetaken Errors caused missed rewards.

Wasn't able to switch out of the Ydly/Opul pool tonight. Tried multiple times but kept getting errors. Was trying to move into the Ydly/Gems pool as is my custom. Been trying since 5:30 today. Everything keep messing up but I did see that there were several Algo transaction fees taken out of my wallet and eventually, my Yieldly was unstaked but would not re-stake. Anyone else have this issue?
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2021.12.09 02:16 Splash-Lotus8 Question for y'all (SPOILER WARNING)

If I were to, hypothetically, hold an event where people can voice act any scene from the game, what scene would you guys be interested in voice acting? (Keep in mind that if I do do this, I'll probably ask you guys to audition because I don't know a bigger group of YTTD fans.)
The only requirements to choosing a scene are: -It has to be interesting, no scenes where there isn't any action happening -No requesting the introduction scene, as I've seen this fandubbed too much already
I already have the scene where Alice and Ranger die, but I wanna see what scenes you guys would be interested in performing!
Thank you for taking the time to read and answer!
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2021.12.09 02:16 IWriteThisForYou Twelve Years On

Twelve years on and I still think of you but now I think I see where I went wrong. Maybe there were things I could do to make sure things didn't drag on as long if I ever had the ability to go back and make up for what I lack.
Maybe the second time around we wouldn't have fought as much and maybe we wouldn't be bound to think that it'd always be such, and maybe what times we had would be good the way I thought they always should.
But more likely, I now know, I would avoid you altogether because I think it'd always be so and that we weren't birds of a feather like you and I once thought, and maybe that's why we often fought.
Twelve years on and now I regret ever having met you. I do what I can to forget you and all that you used to do, even though you'll always be in my mind living in every corner I find.
Now I find myself trying to scrub clean every mention of you I can find on every site I've ever been because even if I can't get you out of my mind, maybe I can remove the reminder and maybe then memory can be kinder.
And now I find myself wanting to reach out once more because if this is something I find haunting my every waking moment to the core, then maybe I'm ready to work it out without it turning into another bout.
Twelve years on and now I'm here writing one last poem for you and thinking how I used to hold you dear and wondering if you ever do think of me as well, and hoping you're doing swell.
Maybe in the New Year I'll find someone new and I won't have to fear that I'll still be trying to brew a new way of moving on because I'll already be gone.
And maybe in the year to come I'll find myself changed because your old posts won't be like a drum causing me to become deranged, and I'll start to heal and I'll find a new spiel.
Twelve years on and I'm finally ready to move on from you because even though I've gone slow and steady, this is now all I can do to keep myself from going mad or doing something terribly bad.
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2021.12.09 02:16 Sibling-123 CARL SORENSEN Bronze BOWL Hand Crafted Signed STUNNING Rare Masterpiece 11.25" | eBay

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2021.12.09 02:16 murkamk2 Can you no longer finish this mission since survival is gone? Glad I've done it before)

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2021.12.09 02:16 arlo_blond Help [ng+2] [pw pig] pthumerian labyrinth

Need help in the chalice dungeon pthumerian labyrinth, I’m at layer one fog if anyone is keen to help me through the dungeon. Password pig
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2021.12.09 02:16 NDoraTonks Gryffindor Office [Holiday Party 2021]

Hello All! This month, we are having a grand holiday party at the Quibbler HQ and all are invited! On top of that, Gryffindor has been assigned the task of decorating the venue for the party! Isn't that fun?!! We are going to go full Artsy on the HQ. Here's what we need to do

Submit your drawings and Fan Items in the comments below. suggestions for submissions: For a sketch or a drawing, caption it with the scene and book title. For submitting the fan items, include the "making of" your items. You can also quote the lines from the books that you are using for your reference for both of these kinds of submissions.
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2021.12.09 02:16 Alexanropi UPDATE! I did it think it looks way better

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2021.12.09 02:16 Snider83 [H] Key Leftovers [W] Paypal/key offers, Partisans 1941, Generation Zero, Besiege

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered
Wrath: Aeon of Ruin
Tour de France 2020
Blood Bowl 2 - Legendary Edition
Warhammer: Chaosbane
Outcast - Second Contact
Mordheim: City of the Damned68% Positive on Steam
Styx: Master of Shadows
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2021.12.09 02:16 dirtyharrison o MICRO n variant

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2021.12.09 02:16 Icy_Good_281 M 20 looking

Hi I'm 20 m and kinda looking for a study buddy too so if you're studying something hmu
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2021.12.09 02:16 WetCottonCandy This is a LEGIT ad for my area lol! I’d say that’s probably the BEST advertisement that’s actually got me over here semi interested!

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2021.12.09 02:16 xx-rapunzel-xx I am interviewing for a Project Coordinator position on Friday. How personal do the questions get?

I am asking because I haven't been on an interview in a long time, and I'd like to know if interviews usually ask more about how you've handled a work situation vs. what my hobbies are or my greatest personal achievement or what my personal mission statement is. I'm a bit nervous here!
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2021.12.09 02:16 SkywalkerOG11 My friend just moved to Staten Island

She's looking for some interesting people to snaochat with. Someone close by maybe to build a friendship
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2021.12.09 02:16 Efficient_Room_4795 God of War Gameplay unlimited health part 10

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2021.12.09 02:16 yamsdfsdf This project is launched in 1 day | Early Gem | 20 BNB in liquidity and locked wallets | Join to the community

ElegantDoge $EDOGE
Im find this project in another Subreddit and i think that this project has a lot of potential from here. This is an early project and can get x50 minimum. You need to know it this week.
Here’s some information about the $EDOGE Token.
Sale is on December 10th, 2021 14:00 UTC
We are hosting our Fairlaunch on PancakeSwap V2 (PUBLIC SALE)
Initial liquidity is 20BNB
Max Buy: 0.6 BNB at start.
Min Buy: Dont have Min Buy.
Liquidity is locked for 7 Months.
Sale Rate 1 BNB = 920.000.000.000 $EDOGE
Our Tokenomics are:
50% Public Fairlaunch
2.5% NFT Creation and MEME competitions
40% Burn
2.5% Team wallet
5% Airdrop
📄 Here’s our Contract address : 0x49e987cCefc2B30DCCa01C81C5Dd408AC72136f7
What's the plan after launching?
Its all about MARKETING and getting Listed on CMC & CG and the DEXTOOLS trending. We got that sorted, expecting to get listed on the same day on CG & CMC or not more than 48 hours alongside with DEXTOOL trending.
🍱 For more info please visit the socials 🍱
🌍 Website: elegantdoge.net
🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElegantDogeBSC
🛩 Telegram: https://t.me/ElegantDoge
You need to know this project
Im in with 5 BNB at start but you need DYOR
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2021.12.09 02:16 popcornboiii GOP Civil War ERUPTS: Dan Crenshaws Calls MTG & Gaetz 'Grifters' | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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