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Did I Make My Crush Feel Awkward or Is He Just Not Used To Compliments?

2021.12.09 01:51 Snow-Storm-0 Did I Make My Crush Feel Awkward or Is He Just Not Used To Compliments?

In class I talked with my crush for a bit, and his guy friend lifted his cap revealing his hair. I was just curious because his hair is pretty long like reaches above his shoulders. I asked him "How long have you've been growing your hair?"
My crush said "Uhh.. idk. Like.. maybe few months or a year?" I replied with "Ohh okay nice." He added in, "I've been growing it for awhile but idk if I should cut it or not." To be honest, I think his hair looks really good and it's something that I find attractive, so I said, "I mean-"
(Idk why but I stopped myself, and there's like a 5 second awkward silence. I wanted to compliment his hair but I don't want to come off as weird or like too opinionated. My mind was just racing like what I should say or how I should phrase my words.)
Anyways after the 5 second awkward silence, I finally had the courage to finish my sentence. I continued, "I mean.. I don't think you should cut it." He nodded to my response.
Then I said, "You have nice hair." Another awkward silence and he was looking at the front of the classroom, so idk if he heard me or not. 😭 I had to leave class right after that since that's end of the class, I don't think any girl has ever complimented him so idk how he would take my compliment.
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2021.12.09 01:50 everyone_hates_lolo im honored

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2021.12.09 01:50 IlllRageIlll New build power loss

Ryzen 9 5600x Tomahawk 570x wifi 32gig ddr4 3600 750 w psu 6 corsair sp120 rb pro Gtx 750 gpu (Loaner until I can find rtx 30 series)...
Im loosing power randomly 10 seconds on 30 seconds on. I had it on a few min got into bios. Plugged in a flash drive and lost power soon as I plugged it in. It also shut off from plugging a mouse into a USB. I triple checked all cables. Thought maybe it was a faulty power button. But the USB shut downs made no sense. Now there is no power at all. The lights are on on the gpu. But the fans don't start the pc doesn't turn on.
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2021.12.09 01:50 RaePie Living situation and BPD?

Hi all, I’m just curious if anyone has dealt with this before and if so, what have you done? I currently live with a couple and their two cats. We were all close friends before moving in together. It’s been a really surprisingly triggering situation for me. I find myself feeling like a ghost, the weird person who lives in the house but isn’t apart of the family. I sit at the table and eat dinner with my head phones on while they eat dinner together at the tv. The cats are their babies and have more sway in the house than I do. Is this something I could bring up? I’m terrified to say something because it’s not like I want to be involved in their couple activities or anything but at the same time I end up crying once a week these days because I feel invisible or like the weird person who interrupts other peoples family time.
Are these BPD feelings? Feeling of abandonment or being left out or not being apart of the family are my biggest triggers. I think this is a BPD trigger based on how intense the emotions are. I’m so so so sad and I feel so isolated and lonely. I’m feeling an intense mixture emotions that switched rapidly from resentment to wondering what I did wrong and why I’m unloveable/unwantable. Our lease is up in March and I’m thinking I need to move out even though I’ve moved so many times in the past couple years and I love the neighborhood and the house.
I would really appreciate anyone advice on how to approach this conflict and/or these feelings.
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2021.12.09 01:50 slapmyhandnow Does anyone else think Riverdale would be better as a game than a show?

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2021.12.09 01:50 HEEEHEEHAW Im bored. Ask me stuff. Or dont.

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2021.12.09 01:50 tuttifruityranger Is it okay to boo your mom on America’s Got Talent if she really sucks at singing?

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2021.12.09 01:50 Leftover_Crack1993 Have an idea for a beat. Probably done or corny.Based around NA/AA

So have the Serenity prayer in the beginning from a real NA/AA group then like a mellow Juice WRLD/Big L vibe and the Chorus is the rapper changing the serenity by questioning it. I can explain more but just an idea I have. Wish I knew how to make beats so I could do it myself. I’m lucky I even slightly know how to use studio equipment or even kinda rap. I’m not truly confident in my music and it mainly due to that’s just my style. Seen other rappers with the kinda vibe but are usually silly or speak constantly on how they know they suck but don’t care. Not trying to be that guy but my music you can tell I don’t feel confident in it being good but still want to get the story out so that maybe even one person knows and can relate. Oddly some of my music is loved and have had songs out of my genre be top of the plays for my music. If someone could help me create this I’d definitely pay. May not be a lot but definitely willing to work out a payment plan or do work for them in return. Wish I just had someone to help guide me. I know I could be something pretty good, at least good enough to get people paid. Wish someone would give me the opportunity
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2021.12.09 01:50 hereformeymeys GG

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2021.12.09 01:50 PlayDohBear Maphack Expeditions Episode 1 - Boom Town

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2021.12.09 01:50 jochiri How do i tell a girl that i like her?

She said to my friend that she likes me too, but i dont know what to say...do i have to ask for a date or just straight going to girlfriend? I saw people that just said: 'i like you' and now they have like 2 years of relationship...
Sorry for bad english...
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2021.12.09 01:50 noezzz12 Does robocough take venmo?

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2021.12.09 01:50 finesserguyy Got my dream car :)

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2021.12.09 01:50 TheShowGod Build your own brick idea

dr Squanch should do a new creative bar brick where you build your own brick for example you chose the ingredients you want like peppermint oil or oatmeal and color and girt and exfoliation level and how your bar smells like a woodsy bar or sweet smell Imagine how many different custom bars and options you could crate and order
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2021.12.09 01:50 Ruateleca New Image of the House and Ecto-1.

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2021.12.09 01:50 TetraGton Dream Build is complete! I Love the Fractal Torrent!

Finally, it works. 18000 score in 3D mark and 22000 in Cinebench.
The GPU now has two separate power cables going to it from the PSU, so disregard that detail from the picture where it only has one.
So yeah, I was getting CPU limited on few games I was playing. I decided to do a platform upgrade. I was lucky as hell when I bought a 3080 on launch day at MSRP. I paid 759€ for my card. The second best buy I ever did. Now I decided to upgrade everything else in my system to
I7 12700K, Nvidia 3080, 32GB of DDR5, Fractal Torrent, the works.
The build was cursed I tell you, obstacle after obstacle. Just when I thought I was done, the power supply was DOA. More info on the Imgur post. Also, the 32GB of DDR5 was the dumbest computer related purchase I've ever done. It postponed my build for weeks, since DDR5 was not available when I bought the 12700K. After that, they did not have 8Gb sticks on hand. So I wound up paying stupid money for 32Gb of ram. It cost me about as much as the entire motherboard.
This is circlejerking at this point, but the Fractal Torrent is AMAZING! My old case was a budget Corsair. It was super loud and my GPU was always at 83C under load. The Torrent makes barely any noise and keeps the temps at around 65C under load.Honestly, I thought something was broken before I analyzed the system. It was so quiet and cool, I thought my system was underperforming. Watt meter and HWinfo told me that I was doing fine and drawing all the power from the wall.
I had to go Noctua NH-U12A for the CPU cooler. I wanted something bigger, but I bought the ROG STRIX Z690-G GAMING WIFI motherboard because ASUS had a cashback campaign for 12th gen buyers who also got an Asus motherboard.
Fortunately, I'm getting 90€ back at some point.
Unfortunately this mobo doesn't accommodate any bigger coolers. I feel like ASUS didn't really think properly when they were designing this MOBO. The DH-15 would clip the GPU. Fractal has my back though, the incredible airflow I get from the Torrent is keeping my system alive and stable. I installed an exhaust fan, but the case really doesn't need on if you have a powerful CPU fan. Having it on lowered my CPU temps in 3D Mark from 70c to 67c. It's something but not much.

The Windows "fresh install" tool doesn't really work. I had to go and make a boot drive with a USB stick to get everything sorted. Now I'm waiting on Microsoft to make Win11 good. For now, I'm hanging on to Win10. The new processor has its ups and downs. It performs really well, but I'm locked out of certain games because the DRM software doesn't really understand the way it works. Ace Combat 7 is a sore point. Also, Titanfall 2 doesn't let me into the multiplayer for some reason. Apparently there is a fix for that, I just have to edit System Variables. Get your shit together Respawn, this is dumb!
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2021.12.09 01:50 MansionsOfRest Finished up an Age of Sigmar Skaven army. It's an Xmas gift for a friend dipping his toes into the hobby.

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2021.12.09 01:50 intellectualth0t I absolutely cannot stand the “everything will eventually work out!!” type of responses regarding finances

23F. My boyfriend (also 23)& I are definitely fencesitters although we have discussed being one and done quite a bit. That’s more of a bridge we’ll cross later on (hypothetically, once we’re married).
Both of us grew up in families of 3 kids, and also poor but under very different circumstances.
Our mutual apprehension to having and raising children has a lot to do with the finances. Children are painfully expensive, many people know this. Shit, many parents complain about how much and how often they have to spend on their kids.
I’ve given up on trying to explain that children being so expensive is a reason I’m not 100% sure I’m willing to have any. Just about all the responses I get are along the lines of ”yeah but financial issues don’t matter when you have so much love for your kids!!” or ”money issues happen, but everything eventually works itself out!!”
Nope. Definitely not true for everyone. And I’m definitely not willing to bring up a child in the same financial turmoil I already lived through.
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2021.12.09 01:50 Panzermench I'm running into an error when attempting to insert into a postgres table from a python app! Please Help!

So I am running into error: syntax error at or near "beb63" LINE 2: VALUES(818beb63-9a78-423b-9b28-5f5e0d0824f6, cu...
when running the code : ``` def create_branch(branch_id, crm_id): sql = """INSERT INTO branch(branchid, crmid) VALUES(%s, %s) RETURNING branchid;""" transactionResponse = {}

try: # Connect to the DB with conn.cursor() as cur: # inserting into database a new branch cur.execute(sql%(branch_id,crm_id)) transactionResponse['branchId'] = branch_id transactionResponse['crmId'] = crm_id transactionResponse['message'] = 'created' successResponseObj['body'] = transactionResponse conn.commit() return successResponseObj 
create_branch("818beb63-9a78-423b-9b28-5f5e0d0824f6","cus_KNGEt7NfzitisQ") ```
please advise what is going on?
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2021.12.09 01:50 Hunter_cotw New update dec 7 2021

Cool idea with raccoons and gators but lots of glitches not much effort in the map and very small map. They changed fur type rarity so piebald is uncommon I want a change in fur type so pie bald is rare and I think blonde and blonde being rare on black bears dumb. Hogs/boars have black gold that is uncommon so they made cool fur types have bad rarity wanna start a vote for a change
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2021.12.09 01:50 winningsome All the good stuff here!!

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2021.12.09 01:50 dremoviie Riverside North Flyover Video from before the snow fell

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2021.12.09 01:50 OddBird_S Hints needed! Problem from the Mathematical Gazette.

I think that it is a very beautiful result and would like some hints. Maybe I am just too goofy today. Is interpreting the expression as the sum of three binomial expansions of complex numbers the right way?
Prove that for all integers \"n\", the expression is equal to an integer.
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2021.12.09 01:50 ZaneSlut26 Thoughts?

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2021.12.09 01:50 Repulsive_Page7808 Sucks bro

Life is so unfamiliar without you. It’s finals week. I’m stressed. But mostly distracted. I wish you’d stop taking up space in my head. I need that room for other stuff. I miss you but I’m glad we’re over too. It’s weird.
Today I heard my neighbors car lock mini honk. They have the same car as you. For the first time in years my chest didn’t tighten when I heard that sound. So. Progress I guess.
Anyhow. I miss you. But I hope you never see this.
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