Some people are drinkin the Haterade if they think this game doesn’t have impressive visuals. This game is CLEAN. My Series X captures. This game/on my 4K OLED = *chefs kiss*

2021.12.09 00:49 MrGamePadMan Some people are drinkin the Haterade if they think this game doesn’t have impressive visuals. This game is CLEAN. My Series X captures. This game/on my 4K OLED = *chefs kiss*

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2021.12.09 00:49 matchatxa Game won’t let me remove emu from my team?

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2021.12.09 00:49 Omar_fk8 Tomeii or awe exhaust?

I know awe exhaust doesn’t have drone & it sounds good. Anyone with a tomeii, how does it sound & does it have any drone? Debating on getting these one of these 2? Worth the price? Other exhaust y’all recommend?
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2021.12.09 00:49 MitraManATX Tsunami!

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2021.12.09 00:49 spicy_chemicals people who have visited restaurants that Gordon Ramsey went to in kitchen nightmares, what were your experiences?

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2021.12.09 00:49 ChuuniSaysHi WW2 England disabled girl with an abusive mom

So the book has two main locations one is London and the other is a rural town with like a navy base next to it. The abusive mom forced the girl to stay in their apartment and homeschooled her if I remember correctly. But because of the war all the children had to evacuate to rural areas so they wouldn't be in as much danger, so the girl was evacuated also. And the caretaker she had was really nice and helped her adapt to her disabilities and stuff. I think at one point the navy base got bombed and the factory the abusive mom worked in got bombed also. Along with the abusive mom being a single mom.
Sorry if this is spotty with details I'm trying to give as much detail as I remember but it's been years since I've read it and it's been knawing at me bc I can't remember what it's called
Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me figure it out though :)
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2021.12.09 00:49 KaoSerenity Google alienware archeage griffon

3k keys left!
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2021.12.09 00:49 nickymonkey The Riolu Egg from Riley turned out to be shiny…

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2021.12.09 00:49 BoxOfDoge Who is Kracc Bacc?

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2021.12.09 00:49 louloomoo UFT! :)

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2021.12.09 00:49 MantaRay374 I found myself today

“Please don’t make me go alone.”
"You're a baby,” She said, “Just a big baby, that's what you are. You know everybody thinks you’re a tough guy? What’s the matter with you?"
I gripped the hot leather of the steering wheel tight, steeling my knuckles into rows of little white-capped mountains. My voice trembled when I spoke.
"I know . . ." I started, then cleared my throat and went on, "I know it sounds crazy, Alicia." I lowered my voice to a whisper: “But you didn't see what I saw."
"Kel. Nothin's gonna happen to you in a bathroom." She reassured me. "Nobody's gonna take your head off in there. Worst thing you're gonna see is like, a fly, or some shit. It ain't gonna kill ya."
"Please just--" I took a deep breath. "Please just come with me. Just stay outside the door at least."
The car was getting hot. It was stuffy, and still, and hot. We’d been in here for five minutes while I tried to get her to come to the bathroom with me, because of a bad dream. Alicia had probably come to the end of her patience.
"Kel are you fucking crazy? I sure as hell ain't goin' into that bathroom with you!" She cackled. "You're on your own, on this one."
"Outside the door! I -- please, just -- I'm begging you."
“Just fucking go! Put on your big-boy pants for thirty goddamn seconds. I'll be right here when you come back."
Then she turned back to her phone. Her nails clicked on the screen as she swiped down her feed. I realized that I couldn't keep trying to get any comfort from her, any sympathy, any more conversation. She was going to force me to face my fears. I knew she was trying to do what was best for me. But she didn't see what I saw.
I swung the door open and stepped out onto the parking lot. We'd pulled over at a run-down gas station on the side of a highway outside of some God-forsaken town in Kansas. Around us lay open fields of corn stretching all the way to the horizon. This gas station was the only chance for a bathroom we’d be getting for twenty or thirty minutes at least.
The convenience-store part of it was a little, white metal box, with a strip of red painted around the top. The doors to the bathrooms were on the outside, around the other side of the tiny building. I had to hop around some trash as I walked over the gutter and up onto the sidewalk around the building.
I stopped there, hesitating. I couldn't see the car, and there was nobody else around; not for miles.
I don't have to go into the bathroom. I could, just …
I unzipped my fly, and looked down at the sidewalk. There were wrappers and cigarettes and even some water already from a leaky storm drain. Nobody would notice.
I stood there for a few seconds and that's when I noticed my hands were shaking, and despite the pressure on my bladder, nothing was coming out. I zipped back up. Biting my lip, making a fist and resting it up against the wall in front of me as if I could draw some kind of strength from that, I sighed, and thought to myself that she's right: you're really fucking stupid.
Goddamn child.
Get inside.
I stepped over to the men's room, opened the door and walked in.
Inside was a tiny box, only a little bigger than an elevator, lit by a yellow light that buzzed like a wasp's nest. There was a toilet, although you could barely see the bowl. Most of it was a mass of brown muck, a mixture of toilet paper and human waste that would have put the New York sewers to shame. Brown shit streaked down the sides and pooled on the floor in a liquid mess of brown, acid-yellow and lime green colors. I tried not to breathe.
It seemed strange how I noticed every detail. I wasn’t usually so observant. It was fear that heightened my every sense to a radical degree, changing me into a desperate, frightened, primal creature driven by constant threat of attack, always assessing the situation according to safety or danger. Always glancing around myself, cataloging every detail, making notes about the shape in someone's back pocket or the lack of a front license plate on that one shiny new car in the parking lot. I hadn't always been this way. Just for the past few days.
The door shut behind me with a clank that made me jump. I turned to stare at it. It was a red door, with chipping paint, and adorned with scrawling graffiti signatures.
The walls were white subway tiles, some of them gone like missing teeth, and some of them scrawled with all kinds of vapid messages that were some kids’ idea of a joke.
The sink was a low, white bowl, barely distinguishable from a toilet. Judging by the yellow streaks inside, a few idiots had made that mistake. A thin metal box full of paper towels hung next to the door.
There was, of course, no soap. There was a soap dispenser, or at least, what used to be a soap dispenser. Someone had apparently gutted its contents and left the jagged shards of the dispenser to hang from the wall like a skeletal jaw, yellow and still caked with dried soap, like pus, dripping from its edges in gummy stalactites.
And above the sink, right about where it should have been, at eye height, hung a mirror. It had a long split diagonally from the top to one side, and a layer of grime that coated the bottom half, where the spray always hit it from the sink.
My reflection stared back at me. I was a big man, well over six feet, with a thick, muscular build, and long black hair that hung down to my shoulders. I was wearing a black leather jacket over a white tank top and blue jeans.
People often assumed I was a biker, although I wasn’t. He just liked the style. Alicia knew better and called me a hipster. That was one of the reasons I'd remained fascinated with her over the years even though she was so far from my “type”. She just knew me so well.
The reflection was comfortingly familiar, but the mirror still gave me a cold, slimy feeling in my gut. I'd never liked mirrors. They gave me the feeling of being watched. The idea that there was a whole other room in that mirror was too much, like I had another space to consider, another room to check for threats, and I just never felt that my back was safe.
I never thought I’d be so afraid of mirrors that I’d take any excuse not to go into a bathroom, but four days ago, I’d had a nightmare that changed my entire life. I’d never heard of someone having a nightmare like that. It was worse than the worst kind I’d ever experienced. I'd woken up covered in icy sweat, shivering like I was in an Arctic blizzard, my heart beating so hard I was sure I was gonna die. I couldn’t breath for thirty fucking seconds, and once I calmed down enough to take stock of the situation, I realized I didn’t feel any safer than I did inside the nightmare. I had dreamt of something stalking me, and I could still feel its presence.
The monster wasn’t even so much a specific thing, but a feeling I had. A suffocating thing that gripped my mind and filled it with absolute dread. It made logic impossible; escape impossible. It was the kind of thing that cuts you off from the sunshiny, reasonable world of everybody else, and drags you into a world where nothing is certain, and any kind of predator can have its way with you, with no way to defend yourself.
It was silly, sure. Just a bad dream. But it haunted my every waking moment because that fear, that dread, it just would not go away. So for the past four days, I kept his head on a swivel, and never let my guard down. Especially around mirrors.
I walked over to the toilet and unzipped my pants. I would just piss, then zip up and go. That was it. No frills. No waiting around. I was already on edge, every nerve tingling, every muscle taut. My breathing hadn't been calm since yesterday, so I was used to that at least.
The thing is, Alicia misunderstood. I wasn't afraid of being attacked, or dying, or being in pain. I wasn't afraid of a monster. All of that I could deal with. I was afraid of being alone when it happened.
Nothing came out. There was pressure on my bladder and there was pain, but there was no pee. Not now, not now, not now.
Screw it. I decided. I’ll do it later. I can hold it.
I didn’t really believe I could hold it. I was just willing to wet my pants rather than be alone for any longer. So I zipped up, turned and pushed the door open. It didn’t budge.
My heart leapt through my throat. If the door was jammed or something, or . . .
I looked down. It was still locked. Laughing to myself, I turned the heavy deadbolt back and then pushed the door open. It didn’t budge. Not again. No. Not for real this time.
I fiddled with the lock again, and this time I leaned forward to shove all my weight onto the door. Nothing. I might as well have been trying to push the Great Pyramid.
I yelled and banged on the door, and kicked it a few times, but it didn’t budge and nobody answered, and deep down I knew I was alone. I'd seen this coming but it didn't make it any less fucking horrible.
Now I was really sweating. I could feel the blood draining from my face, the beads of sweat forming on my forehead, the dampness under my arms. I wanted to pace around, but there was no floor space to do it in.
Then I noticed something. My reflection was standing still. I was swaying, bringing my hand up to my mouth to chew on my fingernails, but my reflection in the mirror was standing straight, looking forward, dead still, and glaring back at me. A chill rushed through my veins and puckered my skin. I shuddered. I backed up against the wall behind me.
The reflection was exactly like me, but not exactly. There was something missing. There was something less soft about the eyes and something very stiff in the way it stood. Then it stepped forward, and turned halfway back. And then its arm swung out towards me.
The mirror bent in the middle, cracked into a spiderweb, and exploded into a thick spray of shards and a clear, oily viscera as the reflection's fist rocketed through. At least a dozen shards bigger than a finger had the honor of getting buried inside me. The reflection cleared out the shards from the edges of the frame and then stepped through the dripping portal as if through some thin membrane, like a soap bubble. When it came through, it was dripping in shiny, liquid silver.
The thing crouched inside the frame of the mirror, hair hanging down in dripping icicles. Then it began to shake. It shook its head from side to side like a dog does, and its hair whipped against my face, and the silver stung my skin, and I was screaming now, and the silver that got sprayed in my mouth tasted horribly dull and bitter.
The car hadn't gotten any cooler, and my trip to the bathroom had taken a few minutes longer than planned. Oh well. At least that was over.
I opened the door and Alicia turned to me as I dropped into the driver's seat.
"So?" She asked. "Did you die?"
I chuckled. "Not quite."
She looked at me funny, and I knew she wouldn't keep quiet about me for long. I put my finger against her lips.
A single drop of liquid silver slid down my finger and dripped onto her lap.
“Don’t worry.” I said. “I'm here now.”
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2021.12.09 00:49 Independent-Lab-3609 dm me

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2021.12.09 00:49 CaesarofTheLegion Nova Caesar's Legion

For the third time, since Neo Caesar's Legion in April 24th 2021, and the original Caesar's Legion from February 18th 2020, Caesar's Legion is returning, for it's final iteration.
I will be claiming all of Nro'meagh. I support this claim based off of: -My ownership of the Kabul region (Prefatoye Gronrulyet) -Kiwi relinquishing his nro'meagh lands to me (All of Ila'Krohil, and Alexandria) -The former lands of Thoria, by right of conquest -JMQN relinquished his clan to me The rest, including Jevoghnya and whatever other clans, I claim anyway and if their owners wish to dispute they can do so in honorable battle.
Additionally, I am announcing emergency martial law over the city of Pacem, which will fall under our jurisdiction for the time being.
When I first announced Caesar's Legion, I made a promise to you, the people, that I would rid the world of corruption and societal degeneration. Today I make that promise true. Living in Pacem prior to the original Legion, I saw many terrible things. Rampant sale of illicit substances, uncertainty in the streets. Many of you may have heard of Pacem's "War Games", which is really just riots and gang warfare labelled by Pacem's government to avoid unrest and criticism of the government.
I will be establishing longlasting peace in the region, and I will also be banning the sale of alcohol and other illicit substances in the region, with a few exceptions. No buildings will be touched, nor any shops looted. Rebellion and resistance will however be met with appropriate force. Additionally, the city will be renamed to "Bellum" from now on.
That is all. Legio Victrix!
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2021.12.09 00:49 NotSryy No Racism

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2021.12.09 00:49 ZS_Zian Anemo dps jean or Physical dps jean better?

I am using jade cutter btw.
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2021.12.09 00:49 zoroastrian88 Ontario Canada

Is anyone here from Ontario, Canada? I been really interested in learning more about the faith and been contacting the Ontario Community of Christ centers but got no response.
If this post is against the rules please remove it.
Thank you
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2021.12.09 00:49 camclemons The Merits of the Four Elements Monk

First thing I'd like to point out is the value of ki. Compare Monk to Sorcerer, a full caster. Monks gain ki points at an equal rate to Sorcerers, but ki points recharge on a short rest while sorcery points do on a long rest.
Ki points vs sorcery points:
Next, compare the point cost to cast spells. The cost is the same between Four Elements Monks and Sorcerers for 1st and 2nd level spells/slots. However, the cost for 3rd to 5th level slots is 2 plus the slot level, whereas a Monk can cast 3rd level spells directly with ki (no bonus action required) for only 1 more point than the spell level. So not only is spellcasting cheaper for the Monk, but it has less of an opportunity cost than Sorcerers (no conversion, letting them use their bonus action for Ki-Fueled Attack), uses a short rest resource, and neither class can use their points for spells or slots higher than 5th level, regardless of class level.

If an 11th level Monk were to use Flames of the Phoenix, they could cast Fireball twice per short rest as a martial class without baseline AoE options. That can easily amount to 6 casts of Fireball daily at that level, compared to a Sorcerer only able to cast it for 5 points, or only twice per day at the same level (using points alone).
Compare that to an 11th level Fiend Warlock. With Pact Magic, they can cast a 5th level Fireball three times per short rest, whereas the Monk can cast it twice per short rest but still have 3 ki. Keeping in mind the fact that Monk is a martial class, it isn't that much weaker than a class that can cast spells up to the same level as any full caster.
Better with Tasha's:
With the variant features from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, after casting a spell, Four Elements Monks can make an attack with a Monk weapon or an unarmed strike as a bonus action. This is technically better than the attack granted by Martial Arts at lower levels since you have the option of making a weapon attack, which will usually deal 1d8 damage vs 1d4 from 3rd level.
The superior Stunning Strike:
I'd also like to mention one Elemental Discipline that may seem lackluster at first, but I think has the potential to be one of the best Monk options. Clench of the North Wind lets you cast Hold Person for 3 ki from 6th level. Like many Disciplines, you can increase the level of the spell per additional ki (up to a maximum of 6). So even though the initial cost is 3x the cost of Stunning Strike (difference being WIS save instead of CON, taking an action instead of per hit, and lasts 1 minute vs 1 round), the cost to paralyze each additional target is only 1 ki- same cost as Stunning Strike but a better save to target, for a longer duration, and on up to four targets at once.
Compare that to any full caster. Hold Person is a 2nd level spell, and if we upcast it high enough to match the maximum amount of ki Monks can spend to upcast, they would be using their 5th level slots. At 17th level when the amount of ki you can spend on a Discipline increases to 6, full casters have only 2 5th level slots per long rest (as well as 1 slot of each level above 5th). A Wizard at that level can make one additional 5th level slot, and a Sorcerer can use points to make two slots. Meanwhile with 2 short rests per day, the Monk can cast a 5th level spell 6 times daily. Again, as a martial class.
Compared to the Sun Soul, the definitive blaster monk:
Fist of Four Thunders (Thunderwave for 2 ki) is a decent early option for AoE damage for a Monk (4.5 AoE per ki), which usually has no AoE options, as well as Gong of the Summit at 6th level (Shatter, same damage per ki but better area and range), compared to Sun Soul's Searing Arc Strike (3d6 fire for 2 ki plus 1d6 per ki, or 5.25 per ki initially and 3.5 per each additional ki). Sweeping Cinder Strike (Burning Hands for 2 ki) is available from 3rd level and scales the same per ki, compared to 6th level for Searing Arc Strike.
Flames of the Phoenix (Fireball for 4 ki) is a good later AoE option (8d6 for 4 ki at 11th level, or 7 AoE per ki; compare to Sun Soul's Searing Sunburst: DEX save vs CON save, fire damage vs radiant, same range and area, latter able to scale from 2d6 to 8d6 for an equal 7 AoE damage per ki (considering the first 2d6 is free)). This may translate to an additional 2 ki to target DEX instead of CON.
River of Hungry Flame (Wall of Fire for 5 ki, between 4.5 to a maximum of 45 AoE damage per ki ) and Breath of Winter (Cone of Cold for 6 ki, 6 AoE damage per ki) are your 17th level options, which are comparable or situationally superior to Searing Sunburst.
Compared to half-casters:
Take Paladins, for example. They get very few AoE damage spells, the best of which is Destructive Wave, which they can cast at 17th level, although they only have 1 5th level slot per long rest. At the same level, the Monk's maximum Discipline cost increases to 6 ki, which lets them cast Fireball at 5th level. Compared to Destructive Wave, it deals the same amount of damage (though with better range, slightly shorter area), but at that level the Monk can cast that 5th level spell twice per short rest (as many as 6 times per day) compared to the Paladin's single cast.
A 17th level Ranger is alternately dealing a maximum of 6d10 or 8d8 with their single highest level slot, an Artillerist Artificer is similarly dealing 8d8 with Cone of Cold
Metamagic Adept:
Another benefit unique to Four Elements is that once you choose the archetype, you qualify for any feat that requires spellcasting (Spell Sniper, Metamagic Adept, Eldritch Adept, Elemental Adept, and War Caster). In some ways, Metamagic Adept with Four Elements can act as one of the only ways to increase your ki points. Twinned Spell can simulate upcasting Hold Person, while Extended Spell has a potential value of 8 or even 10 ki points by doubling the duration of a 4- or 5-point Fly or Wall of Fire for only 1 sorcery point at later levels.
One of the less obvious but potentially more powerful metamagic options is Subtle Spell. For only 1 sorcery point, you can cast any of your Elemental Disciplines without material components. Since you don't provide any material components for your Disciplines, this means most of your spells can't be Counterspelled, unlike any other caster. This includes Cone of Cold, Hold Person, Stoneskin, Fireball, Fly, Gaseous Form, Shatter, Gust of Wind, Wall of Fire, and Wall of Stone.
What could be better:
The biggest issue with the Four Elements Monk is a problem that all Monks have: almost every useful feature requires the same resource. Although more situational, another common problem is that some groups rarely ever take short rests. The number of short rests the party takes can be the difference between playing a Monk as if they had no subclass and playing a Monk like a martial Warlock.
The second issue that I feel holds Four Elements back is the number of Disciplines you get: only 1 that is useful at 3rd level since you have to take Elemental Attunement, and only 5 by 17th level. Compared to a 3rd caster like Eldritch Knight, who knows 11 spells at that level (although is limited to 3rd level spells).
The last significant problem it has is the limited selection of Disciplines overall. You can choose from a predetermined list of spells, no more than a handful at each level you can cast them. They would benefit greatly from a third-caster type of selection, choosing Evocation or Transmutation spells from the Wizard spell list in addition to Hold Person. You open up options such as Witch Bolt (not a great spell, but gets more value from the amount of ki spent), Dragon's Breath (again, more value for ki spent), Wall of Water, Stone Shape, Transmute Rock, and Fire Shield.
Reducing the cost of spells to the spell's level in ki points:
By now, my comparisons should make it clear that, with two short rests per day, the Four Elements monk has a reasonable amount of spellcasting as a martial that isn't a half- or third-caster, and is comparable and sufficiently weaker than a Warlock of the same level.
By reducing the cost of Disciplines by 1, you increase the number of casts of your highest level spell by 1 at any given level. For example, an 11th level Monk goes from 2 Fireball casts per short rest to 3, whereas an 11th level half-caster has only 3 3rd level slots per long rest. You go from a potential 6 casts to 9 casts per day. For a class that is designed to scale a few levels behind half-casters, that's significantly more powerful than it should be, even as limited as the Monk's spellcasting may be.
In summary:
After everything I've written, I still think the Four Elements Monk is mediocre, even among other Monks. Still, I don't think it deserves as much hate as it gets being "the worst archetype in 5th edition." In my opinion, the true root of its weakness is how underpowered Monks are as a class.
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2021.12.09 00:49 HogoBrogh The Janitor

Processing img mj3ym00mvf481...
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2021.12.09 00:49 crzClaudio Fiesta de Navidad de Sistemas Embebidos

Fiesta de Navidad de Sistemas Embebidos Están todos invitados a nuestra Fiesta de Navidad de Sistemas Embebidos! Acompáñennos ,habrá dinámicas muy divertidas
Link del Discord:

Fiesta de Navidad de Sistemas Embebidos
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2021.12.09 00:49 shanoxilt Mi eksplikas mian ideon pri loĝado inter la polusoj kaj la polusaj cirkloj (Esperanto - subtekstoj)

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2021.12.09 00:49 Disneyfan2020 Not sure which one I wanna go for, and about house much the whole course is and online possibly would be best!!

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