Trying to find a fanfic

2021.12.09 01:55 punkheart_11 Trying to find a fanfic

Hey yall. I'm trying to find a fanfic that I read a while ago. It was a Balance fanfic where the boys come out of wonderland and Taako ends up blind, Magnus ends up mute and Merle ends up deaf. It wasn't complete and I haven't had luck finding it
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2021.12.09 01:55 Animalcrossing1800 need cool items to decorate my island 🏝

Anybody have anything that’s cool af? Can pay in NMTs or bells 🔔
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2021.12.09 01:55 rdrslan Marvel Trading Cards?

Anyone know if this exists? Like Topps Marvel cards?
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2021.12.09 01:55 u_mbreon Was doing my monthly SA2 playthrough and this happened.

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2021.12.09 01:55 JoshOnDaLamb How to stop worrying about losing job?

I work as a software engineer and I feel that I’m great at my job. I routinely get great reviews from my managers and I absolutely love what I do. The problem is, I’m worried all of the time about losing my job due to something random. Whenever there’s a random meeting, I assume theirs layoffs. My company was recently in the media because our parent company may sell to someone else. Our company is so hot right now that our value has went through the roof. So of course I’m concerned about that although I’m told it would be a talent acquisition and we’d keep our job. All that is besides the point. How can I stop worrying about this all of the time? I’d like to be able to shrug it off if I were to ever experience a layoff and just move on to the next job. What are some things that help you all not worry about this? I have 3.5-4 years experience so I don’t feel like finding a new job would be that difficult.
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2021.12.09 01:55 Over-Spell6991 Is Remote Pharmacy Technician in Walgreens a good or bad idea? I need your help if you currently hold this position.

Hello guys
I'm considering accepting a job offer from Walgreens as a Remote Pharmacy Technician. However, I felt I should come here first and ask you guys who have worked, or is currently working as a remote pharmacy technician in Walgreens or any retail pharmacy.
Is the stress level manageable?
Am I getting my own landline desktop phone (I've a cable internet modem that is bundled with voice) or will I be given one?
I'm looking at doing this for about 3months before looking for something better. We just had a baby and cannot afford daycare or nanny.
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2021.12.09 01:55 moba-gamer No Garnt i can dislike it

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2021.12.09 01:55 A_H_Corvus Sliding, broken or intended to be this way?

Today while playing I noticed that if you jump and sneak in the air you can start sliding, even in an inclined angle that goes upwards. Obviously the intended use is to slide downhill so I wonder whether or not this use for the mechanic is intended or not, and if it isn't if it's even possible to fix. To me it seemed like it's faster than sprinting so will this change the way the game is played?
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2021.12.09 01:55 mkebucks12 I didn’t even have the 4K badge with Bangalore before this

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2021.12.09 01:55 scruncho2 eat

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2021.12.09 01:55 ashsonar Might be silly question. When applying for IPO through multiple accounts, it means through different people not the different accounts of same person right?

I am new to all of this. I read to increase chances of allotment you need to apply from different accounts. But I also read that if you apply from more than one account of same name and PAN then all applications are rejected. Now I was going to create a new account of myself in zerodha as I have one in groww but after reading this I'm not sure.
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2021.12.09 01:55 Vicarialboot967 Double tap on screen

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2021.12.09 01:55 mollyzedolly Do you like my outfit?

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2021.12.09 01:55 BigRoundSquare If you like having shower beers, what’s your favourite beer to have?

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2021.12.09 01:55 plainbread11 Wisdom teeth out— is this normal?

Got my lower wisdom teeth taken out on the 2nd after getting my upper ones out a year ago. The previous operation went smoothly and I was back to normal after a day or two. This time…what the fuck.
I feel pain around the sockets, it’s not getting worse but it’s only marginally better. Thankfully Tylenol seems to help quite a bit with the pain. I can actually feel the sensation of where my right wisdom tooth was, it’s a gaping hole in my mouth lol. I get random headaches every so often. My ears build up with what feels like pressure. And my jaw has been feeling this popping sensation as it moves— today I tried braving a bite of shaved Parmesan and I felt the popping as I bit down. It’s not painful but definitely wasn’t like that before!
Is this normal? When should I be worried? When will this go away (I hope it’s gone before the holidays!)?
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2021.12.09 01:55 ItzCowChow What was the most f***** up thing you’ve ever come across on the internet?

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2021.12.09 01:55 Kaartinen The Stouts Are Out & About For Winter

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2021.12.09 01:55 TrashIllustrious6584 Epic fails just for laughs, I'm on road to 400 Subs it be fantastic if you could come along for the ride

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2021.12.09 01:55 nathanrunck Credit question

If you make a song with someone, how is the track normally labeled with the below scenario?
You record their vocals and make all of the instrumental yourself. They will write all if the lyrics and melody/rhythm of the lyrics.
Would you or him be in the title as a featured artist? Would you be listed as like (produced by), or in like the credits? Is there any objective way to do it or is it just a subjective agreement between the two artists?
I just want to know if there is a way it is typically done. Any information regarding this is appreciated.
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2021.12.09 01:55 SevPanda Family portrait

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2021.12.09 01:55 Impossible_Metal838 "Masked Moose" at BLRA, CO by Mary Giordano, 2013.

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2021.12.09 01:55 Fox-innovations Toby Fox when

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2021.12.09 01:55 effectivefaceactor ByBit referral invites

Get a $20 bonus and unlimited rewards cards through referral trading on BYBIT!
Use my referral code "32EBKM" now to enjoy these privileges :)
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2021.12.09 01:55 AutoModerator Hedera, Standard Bank & Shinhan Bank - Real-time International Transfer Leveraging Stablecoin

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2021.12.09 01:55 Adam-best Useful Portable Handheld Steam Iron

UPGRATED VERSION – Dual steamer and Iron. Produces a powerful and consistent steam. 2 in 1 for Flat hot and Hanging hot. Safer structure design to minimize leaking water. More sufficiently, and bursts strong hot steam swiftly, without water sputtering.
QUICK & POWERFUL – Ceramic soleplate, heating up just 50s, prevents clothes from damaged. Powerful and stable steam to remove heavy wrinkle, odors and degerming.The steam is continuous and powerful, which can penetrate the clothes deeply and quickly.
SUITABLE FOR MOST FABRICS – One handheld fabric steamer to make shirts, suits, down clothes, night dress, wedding dress, pants crease free.

MULTIFUNCTION – Strong steam can be used in many ways-Cleaning dust. Pillow high temperature clean, sofa clean etc.
BEST EXPERIENCE – We also provide 100 ML Measuring Cup. Perfect for travel and home use.
HOW TO USE IT? Directly hanging your clothes on the hanger, putting them flat on ironing board or even on the table. (you need to add the water in the tank(100ML) not more than the max line or it will leak or spoil when you ironing).
Secondly, adjust the temperature dial to the max, then the working light turned red. After the working light turned off, you can adjust the temperature to what you want, there has three settings, so them you can press the steamer button, and begin working.
Finally, just add water and turn on, waiting for 50 sec, you can start ironing your clothes.


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