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Anyone try Preview Free Movies recently?

2021.12.09 01:10 PennyPay Anyone try Preview Free Movies recently?

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2021.12.09 01:10 joebuddyhere feed me ur fav till i cum, dm ur discord

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2021.12.09 01:10 GreenPimpMaster I have invested my life savings and have spent years of lab work.Creating functional textiles with Thermoregulation and Antimicrobial to be compatible and strong enough for protection against COVID and heat that would cause. Bring something to the table partner with me

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2021.12.09 01:10 noneofthemswallow Finished the game, but some chapter are locked to replay?

I can replay all chapters aside from 9 through 12? Is this a bug, or is this because of some branching choices leading up to them?
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2021.12.09 01:10 Peanut_Gaming Rocket League montage #4

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2021.12.09 01:10 Chlorineinmycandy Broke again but happy about it

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2021.12.09 01:10 RLCD-Bot [Black Fennec] [Heatwave] [Titanium White Cirrus] [Black Cristiano: Infinite] [Black Flame Chain]

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2021.12.09 01:10 m1ke_89 Aide à la rédaction de Résumé et Lettre de Présentation en français à la québécoise.

Salut! Je m'appelle Miguel et j'habite au Mexique. J'ai 32 ans et j'apprends le français de manière autodidacte depuis 3 mois. J'apprends le français non seulement parce que j'aime apprendre les langues (il parlait anglais, portugais et bien sûr espagnol), mais aussi à cause de la possibilité de postuler pour un emploi au Québec.
Actuellement mon niveau de français est basique, je recherche donc de l'aide pour faire ou corriger mon CV et ma lettre de motivation car je ne souhaite pas avoir de fautes de grammaire. J'espère que ce n'est pas trop demander un peu d'aide. Même si la personne qui veut m'aider aime l'espagnol, le portugais ou l'anglais, je peux vous aider avec ça pendant quelques semaines, ce serait aussi bien pour moi de parler à quelqu'un de francophone.
Au revoir et merci d'avance.
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2021.12.09 01:10 acegbruh Fortnite😍😍

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2021.12.09 01:10 St0rmbreaker7 Do you guys think we’ll get any more Legends EU figures? I’m holding out hope for these two

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2021.12.09 01:10 VagueJose Camping Out

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2021.12.09 01:10 Randum__ Call of Duty: Warzone - Rebirth Island Quads Win Gameplay - Ak47 (CW) / Mac10 - [PC] - No Commentary

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2021.12.09 01:10 xxxjeanlucpicardxxx My attempt to recreate the Molotov lighter from CS:GO

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2021.12.09 01:10 SkillsIsDed Kokichi Ouma has become my comfort character

i didn't even notice but hey oh well
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2021.12.09 01:10 No-Property2980 playboi carti concert

hey everyone i was wondering if anyone here UNDER THE AGE OF 18 is going to the playboi carti concert on the 10th, the person i was going with just split on me, my parents won't let me go without a friend and i was wondering if i could meet up with someone there just to chill with in line and stuff. thanks!
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2021.12.09 01:10 PopCultureNerd "George Lucas explains why the new Star Wars lack depth"

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2021.12.09 01:10 Dramatic_Rain_3410 What are your predictions for tomorrow's Game Awards?

View Poll
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2021.12.09 01:10 dokemsmankity [event] yadda yadda crap yadda yadda west

On the Gold Road home, in the Deep Den, journeying from King's Landing
As we’ve already discussed the issues regarding calculating distance by mileage and arrived at the compromise of calculating distance instead by timeage, two weeks from the capital the western party arrived at the Deep Den, along the Gold Road. A fuckload of food and shit had been prepared in advance, because of outriders, who existed in this story (if not any iteration of game based on this story), and the party piled through the stone doors, down that long and stifled corridor to a right turn into the entry to the Great Hall of Lydden, where they ate and drank and presumably slept. It was a tall hall, and built into it were alcoves for guests, each provided a suitable bed, suitable bedding, and a heat source whose smoke was drained via the architecture of the dwelling. In the hall also drew long tables made of wood, maybe some conifer, and upon these tables our nobles ate and drank, and sat, and hopefully talked.
A storm raged outside, or didn’t. None inside could know because this castle was built into the heart of a mountain, and bully on what weather could pretend to bother the space. Lord Scoobert spent some time speaking alone with his brother, the Septon Shagwell, and not long after he rejoined his compatriots at some of those tables, and he spoke frankly because there were no spies in the Deep Den. Right?
“Well,” he said, “I hope your accommodations are adequate. My word, I hope they’re more than adequate. Expecting them to supply, let’s speak on what we’ve encountered in the King’s city. I believe we’re now far enough distant to speak frankly without worry of spies - especially as we are here in my own deep home and safe as coddled-ass babes. No jenkies here."
Into and out of the hall came and went several folk and those folk were generally grimy with the grime of the mine, and it became clear to all that the hall wasn’t specifically a place for a lord to host guests but also a cafeteria for those who worked the deep mines. Lord Scoobert didn’t shake their hands or anything kind and dumb like that, but he occasionally inclined his head to a miner passing through. This gave him the appearance of being quite cool and dope, despite being the landlord of inherited property (an inherently undope occupation).
“Enjoy our beer and mead both,” he offered his guests. “And enjoy our stew - it’s mostly corn and beans, but the broth is beef. Well, beef and beer. Better than the road-crap we've been eating."
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2021.12.09 01:10 Particular_Ticket_65 Larry hoover concert stream

Did anybody find the stream anywhere?
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2021.12.09 01:10 marlinsfanert Are there any places somewhat close to Raleigh to go fossil hunting?

Google says streams East of 95 can have shark teeth in them and I was wondering if you guys had any more specific recommendations.
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2021.12.09 01:10 sheevs_breath Communities/Servers

Anyone know of any veteran/active duty servers and/or communities for squad? Thank u
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2021.12.09 01:10 Matlabguru Excel vs SPSS

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2021.12.09 01:10 Eastern-Resolution15 I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!

I figured out the medicine that fixes everything. After tonight's episode i finally realize its iris. Got genetial herpes? Iris is the cure. Got a blister? Iris. Constipated? Iris. Headache? Iris. Obviously the writers have alsp figured this out since the solution to any problem is apparently iris.
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2021.12.09 01:10 Safe_Ad_2587 Why is return Gt?

We know that return is defined as Gt = Rt+1 + gamma Rt+2... Why in the world do we use G? Global reward? Because R is already taken, we just choose a random letter?
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2021.12.09 01:10 joesineoomofjoe Subnautica fanfiction?

I've been looking everywhere for this stuff, and it's lead me to some weird places. Any recommendations? So far my favorite was In Charge by NoCoincidence over on Archive of our Own.
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